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Dont like change....

It's going to take me a while to get used to this new forum.  I'm not one for change,  it does have some good features but I'm finding it a little hard to navigate.  Anybody else think good or bad?overall, I think I'll find it to be a good thing once I get used to it.

Re: Dont like change....

Hi ladies! I wanted to come on and say thank you all for your feedback. We realize change is hard and can be jarring, but we're working hard to make this a great experience. I am personally keeping a running list of all of your feedback here, and what you've sent me in private messages, and we are taking ALL of it into account. This is the just the beginning, there are changes and updates still being made, and we are working to bring back some of your favorite features. So please keep the feedback coming. I promise you, we're listening!




BeautyTalk Community Manager


Re: Dont like change....

You and the Sephora team here are so receptive and welcoming, Candace! It's really comforting and reassuring to have admins and mods interact with us to make us feel connected and all on the same page. Changes can always feel uneasy, but the fact that the Sephora team makes everyone feel like they have a voice and should use it is what makes us able to all grow and continue to prosper here! Smiley Happy

Re: Dont like change....

I absolutely agree with lylysa.  It is so nice how you all are taking the feedback from the users into account.  Not many sites would do that.

Re: Dont like change....

I agree, thank you for listening to us! I was kind of shocked to come on here today and see the changes. In a weird way, it reminds me of facebook a little. So far, I am not sure whether I like it or not...but I know I will get used to it.

Re: Dont like change....

It's aesthetically pleasing, but confusing as well. It will take me a little while to get used to it.


I do like that recent posts pop up to the top. I didn't like having to dig around to see which posts were updated on the old version.


I don't like how the posts on a thread are backwards. It should be in chronological order.. but again, the old version there would be posts that got bumped up too.


I also like being able to reply without hitting "reply" on a message.

Re: Dont like change....

ok. I guess I have a response after playing around for a bit. Mine does show up as one long column. Also, I think giving hearts is a lot harder. I have had to click several times to get a heart to take. Again, thank you for listening to us!

Re: Dont like change....

I dont know if this was said, the responses are not in order and I dont want to read through everything backwards or out of order, but the color thing doesnt work. I highlighted my words in purple and posted it, and it came out black.


beautytester----Thank you so much for the link! Makes my life a lot easier!

Re: Dont like change....

My responses are not in order either!  The crazy response pattern I have been seeing lately makes a Sudoku puzzle look easy (and I hate sudoku puzzles).  


It also looks like some topics "disappeared."  I looked for the What are You Wearing Today thread, and I didn't see it.  I'll see if I can find it today.

Re: Dont like change....

It's a pain, but you can sort the posts within a message/question "by thread" or "linear". If you choose linear, it goes from earliest to latest. I find the limited sorting choice and the fact there's only page link on the bottom a pain, but that's at least some sort of order.


Fix the front page!! Fix the user profile!! I don't care how pretty it looks, it's chaos as long as those 2 remain a mess.

Re: Dont like change....

The choices are a pain.  I thought Facebook Timeline was annoying when it first came out, but I've changed my mind now.  


Have you played around with the different display views from your settings yet?

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