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Daily Obsessions



3/26: Korres Wild Rose + Vitamin C Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial

"The cream feels weightless on my skin. When I wake up in the morning my skin feels buttery and supple, and my complexion is noticeably brighter and more radiant. It truly looks like I get my beauty sleep!" -Joan W., Education Brand Manager



3/25: Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar

"I love the vibrancy and texture of the Lip Tars. They go on smoothly and last for hours. You only need a tiny bit each time so they last forever. Interlace is perfect for every day." -Keely G., Beauty Advisor



3/24: Dior Diorshow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum

"Not only does this product help build crazy volume, but it also contains a serum treatment to help your lashes to grow stronger. Brilliant!" -Adela S., Lead Artist



3/23: Sephora + Pantone Universe Color Contour Face Brush Set

"This is a stunning brush set; I love the emerald bristles. Not that it’s just for staring at. The brushes are great to use!" -Catherine S., Editorial Director



3/22: Urban Decay Naked2

"This is chock-full of high-pigment neutrals I use for both subtle and dramatic eyes. The palette is a must in my daily routine. So amazing!" -Bridget D., VP, Interactive



3/21: Ciate Very Colourfoil Manicure

"I am in love with the Colourfoil manicure because it's both elegant and edgy. Plus, it's super easy to do yourself." -Kelley H., Social Media Writer



3/20: Dior Diorskin Nude BB Cream

"Thanks to this luxe BB cream, I get antiaging benefits and a rosy glow in one foolproof step. I'm in love." -Cristina B., Sr. Manager, Promotions



Do you have an unsung product you’re obsessed with this week? Show & Tell in the comments!

Re: Daily Obsessions

My todays obsession is actually one of the Sephora obsessions Smiley Happy Its the OCC lip tar in anime, a super bright fuschia pink. I love it, especially for spring. Such a great pop of color, and I instantly feel happier when I wear it!

Re: Daily Obsessions

@drrragon Hahaha too funny and so true!  I am so happy you ended up placing that order on trish. You are going to love the full size lipstick in mulberry. It looks dark in the tube, but is like a sheer berry (absolutely beautiful). And the eyeliner is great too (stunning eggplant shade)!   you so should try her eyeshadows one day.  they are very creamy in texture, go on true, and have staying power (when used with a primer)


You can def use warm water on that mascara. I kind of remember it getting all over my face when I tried to wash it off, but that was a long time ago (when it first came out) they may have tweeked the formula since!

Re: Daily Obsessions

@quenbee -- we keep highjacking threads, LOL!  Yeah defo got the 20% off and the extra goodies, I was also contemplating getting a few extra eyeshadows but managed to stop myself at the last minute....  


hey I actually use Clinique High Impact Mascara and had no idea it was a tube formula!!!  No wonder it's practically the only other mascara in the world that doesn't smudge under my eyes.  I do use mascara remover to get it off though (because I didn't know it was a tubing mascara!) which seems to work ok.  I'll try just warm water next time!



Re: Daily Obsessions

@drrragon  I have not seen the blinc amplified yet!  i hope its less wet and more volumizing than the original. Its going on my shopping list for April 11th!  Thanis for the heads up!  I'll let you know what I think of it.

Re: Daily Obsessions

@drrragon - hey there friend!  I do like the l'oreal double extend! it really does give a nice full lash look!  The only thing is with the primer, you have to make sure you completely cover it or you will have spotty white lashes (not very attractive)!


yes, all tubing mascaras come off with warm water.  Blinc comes off in big chunky tubes. And the others are not as big and it's either the LM or Bobbi brown that come off more in pieces.    youre welcome for the list.  I had to do a lot of digging for those, most descriptions dont mention it and some mua's and cast members dont even know. Oh I forgot to mention,  Clinique has two. High impact and high impact curling.  They come off more in pieces and make little pieces on your face that are a pain to get rid of (probably why I forgot about them). They would probably be the last on my list to try,


i was wondering if you were going to get the makeup planners.  So glad you did!  Did you also get the goodies and the 20percent off?  


@MoreGun89 - you should definitely give tubing mascaras a try!  They are unlike anything you could expect with traditional mascara! I love that if I am going to take my mascara off in the shower, I don't have to take the extra step of cleaning around my eyes with makeup remover when I get out! you should definitely try them out

Re: Daily Obsessions

Fascinating about the mascaras, I would have never even considered the possibility.  To think, one day the beauty ritual may be replaced by a simple face scan doing slight pigment tweaks that are smudge resistant and professional looking.  Hopefully not for another century at least, there's a certain comfort in the ritual of putting on makeup for the day Smiley Happy

Re: Daily Obsessions

@quenbee -- LOL yup it was the L'Oreal Double Extend!  Hey have you tried the new Blinc Amplified yet?  I think the description said it was less wet than the original formula.  And do all tubing mascaras come off with warm water?


Wow i had no idea bobbi brown, LM, and even Trish had tube mascaras!  I don't even know how to tell because they don't often use the word "tube" when naming the products.  Will definitely be checking these out, thanks for the list quenbee!


btw, I ended up purchasing that 7x4 Trish planner page last week along with a smaller one to fit in my petite planner.  Can't wait to get them in the mail, along with all the extras!  fun fun! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Daily Obsessions

@drrragon too funny, I have been a big fan of "tubing" mascaras for a long time! I think I know the one you are talking about, it is a two part system! I like that one very much - for not coming from sephora.


I love the "no raccoon eye effect" and no need to scrub mascara from under your eyes.


blinc is great BUT it tends to be very "wet" (don't blink till it dries) and messy and doesn't give your lashes the oomph that the other does.


bobbi brown has one too - perfectly defined - this is a very natural looking lash. Like you are going for a walk in the park or going to the gym- finished looking but not overdone.


Trish mcevoy has 2 of them - which is how I was introduced to tubing mascaras.  Hers are very pricey and I only buy during friends and family.  There high volume mascara and lash curling.  They are both great!  But I prefer the high volume!


Lm has one - long lash- gives the look of a full lash. I like this one better than Bobbi brown. 


these are the only ones that I am aware of


Re: Daily Obsessions

My latest obsession:  TUBE MASCARA!!!   Just purchased my first ever tube mascara (not at Sephora, *cough* *cough*) a couple of weeks ago, have been using it every day since.  I'm wearing mascara more often because I love this formula so much!  The idea of a mascara coating your lashes and forming little tubes that last all day almost sounds like scifi!  Even better, I have experienced NO smudging or flaking at all, even during long work days.  Lastly the little tubes coming off in your hand with warm water (no makeup remover needed!) is just unbelievable, I could not make this stuff up, but it really IS that convenient! 


Now I'm obsessed with mascara tubes and want to try them all, so Blinc is probably next on my list. Fairy Drops is no longer sold at Sephora unfortunately.  Let me know if there are others at Sephora!

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