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Daily Obsessions: Fave Fragrances

You may have heard: Mother’s Day is May 12th. If your mother is anything like mine, she’s worn the same fragrance for the last 20 years. If she’s not, you may be in need of some of some assistance in the gift-giving department. Not to worry! I scoured the Daily Obsessions archives to bring you Sephora staffers’ favorite fragrances.


So get on it. Because your mother would tell you not to procrastinate.


fragrance 4.30_st.jpg



1. Chloé Love, Chloé
"I keep a bottle of it right next to my desk and spray it on my wrists every night before I leave work
for a perfume 'pick me up.' It smells floral yet modern, which I think is really unusual." - Jessica F., Marketing Assistant


2. Tom Ford Black Orchid
"I love everything by Tom Ford, but my favorite is this scent and its chic bottle design." - Kelley H., Social Media Writer


3. Dior Miss Dior Eau de Parfum
"Miss Dior's bottle is too cute for words—and the scent makes me feel sexy and confident." - Michaela S., Business Development


"When I wear this fragrance I feel expensive. It’s like the easy-going sister to its more classic and sophisticated older sister - the original Chanel N05." - Sam D., Beauty Writer


5. Prada Infusion d'Iris
"I spray on this fragrance every morning before I leave the house. It’s so light and fresh. The notes of iris and Sicilian mandarin bring me straight back to my vacation in Italy." - Nicole G., Beauty Writer


6. Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh
"I am in love! This fresh scent makes me feel like everyday is a sunny Friday." - Joey E., Merchandise Coordinator


"Perfect for someone who deserves to be spoiled a little extra. Not only does this fragrance smell delightful, it looks incredible on display as well!" - Stephanie S., Sephora PRO Artist


8. Cartier Baiser Vole
"The bottle is beautiful and the scent of lilies and powder is so soft and feminine." - Erin O., Merchandising Coordinator


9. Fresh Hesperides Grapefruit
"I'm a Fresh scent enthusiast. The citrus hints in Hesperides make it my favorite fragrance to wear on warm, sunny days. In the cooler months, I spritz on the lemony, caramel scent of Brown Sugar." - Cathy C., Social Media Director


10. Stella McCartney Stella
"I smelled this on a complete stranger and immediately became obsessed. It’s light enough to not overpower during the day, but distinctive enough to make an impact at nighttime." - Cassandra H., Fragrance Buyer


What fragrance would you recommend for Mom? Show & Tell in the comments!


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Re: Daily Obsessions: Fave Fragrances

I absolutely love the Lancome Tresor Midnight Rose! I have been eyeing for weeks now and am getting closer and closer to purchasing it. 

Re: Daily Obsessions: Fave Fragrances

I like Clinique happy heart, d&g light blue, burberry. obsession, nina ricci apple, Jessica mclintoc, viva la juicy, versace pink, Jessica simpson fancy love.



Re: Daily Obsessions: Fave Fragrances

Is See by Chloe a bit young for mom?  I personally love it but I don't know if it's a bit on the younger side...

Re: Daily Obsessions: Fave Fragrances

Here's another vote for Cashmere Mist.  It's a lovely classic fragrance that doesn't give off an outdated vibe.

I think Flowerbomb just smells so good and is easy to wear.  It's the kind of fragrance that makes me feel peaceful.

I think Dot by March Jacobs is a great idea for a gift.  The bottle is adorable and the fragrance is Spring/Summer flowers and fruit-totally yummy!   It's a very happy fragrance.

Re: Daily Obsessions: Fave Fragrances

I would give my mom See by Chloe or maybe La vie est Belle By Lancome 

Re: Daily Obsessions: Fave Fragrances

I'm giving my mom YSL manifesto....smells lovely!

I don't know if it is new but i've never heard of it before until I bought the fragrance sampler and tried it.

I like it so much that i'm buying one for myself :-)

Re: Daily Obsessions: Fave Fragrances

All great recommendations!


@makeupmaven - I luuuuv Bulgari Black. It's definitely a a strong scent, but not too much for me.


@colorobsession - +1 for Light Blue and Cashmere Mist! I know a lot of moms who wear those.

Re: Daily Obsessions: Fave Fragrances

I recently became a fan of See by Chloe! It has a really unique almost powdery smell to it. I find the fragrance delicate, yet still bold.



Whimsically yours,

Re: Daily Obsessions: Fave Fragrances

Cashmere Mist is very classic...very powdery!

Re: Daily Obsessions: Fave Fragrances

I personally love Viktor & Rolf's Flowerbomb, Especially Escada, and Viva La Juicy. My mom, on the other hand, is a fan of Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue, Jennifer Aniston and Donna Karan Cashmere Mist.

Re: Daily Obsessions: Fave Fragrances

And +1 on these for moms who like lighter scents:


Prada Infusion d'Iris
Fresh Hesperides Grapefruit

Re: Daily Obsessions: Fave Fragrances

For a younger mom, YSL Parisienne or Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Mandarine-Basilic.


For in between or anyone who likes richer fragrances, Tom Ford White Patchouli.


For the fashionista (what I would want if I weren't just a cat mom), Bulgari Black (you'd probably have to know she liked this fragrance or is a's shared and one of my favorites). Bulgari Jasmine Noir would be a more universal choice (but fragrance is so personal of course)!


For a mature mom/ one that likes statement fragrances, Stella McCartney Stella or YSL Opium.



Re: Daily Obsessions: Fave Fragrances

@starletta - Chanel No 5 is a classic! Eau Premiere is a bit of a lighter version for people who might not want something so strong.


@MoreGun89 - how interesting! Now I have to go hunt that down and smell it. Smiley Happy

Re: Daily Obsessions: Fave Fragrances

I think my favorite of all time has to be the limited edition Jasmine one.  It's just so subtle and beautiful ^.^

Re: Daily Obsessions: Fave Fragrances

I'm a huge fan of Marchesa Parfum d'Extase for Mom myself- or me!


If she's a clean, summery scent person, I'm also a big fan of Armani Aqua di Gioia.


I also think you can't go wrong for Mom with a Chanel scent- probably one of the Chance versions.


I know my mother swears by Chanel No 5 when she's able to wear perfume (my dad is sensitive)

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