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Daily Obsessions: Bath & Body

At some point, I promise you, we will stop talking about Mother's Day gifts. Alas, today is not that day (you're gonna thank me come Sunday, just wait... Smiley Happy).


This week, I've scoured the Obsessions archives to bring you Sephora staffers' favorite bath and body products. Stick any one of these in a gift basket for mom, or gift one on its own for an ultra-pampering treat!


Speaking of which, +1 for the Sephora Collection Super Supreme Body Butter. That stuff is the TRUTH.


bath body 5.7.jpg


1. Fresh Sugar Lemon Body Lotion

"This lotion smells heavenly and it's made with real brown sugar. I love to use it in the morning post-shower, as the lemon scent is really energizing." - Ariella G., Beauty Writer


2. Soap & Glory Hand Food Hand Cream

"This is one of the best creams I’ve ever used. I love that it keeps my hands moisturized for hours on end without feeling or looking greasy." -  Janine J., Beauty Advisor


3. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream

"I’m in love with this huge jar of deeply moisturizing and skin-healing body cream. It’s big enough to share and soaks in right away.  It's by far the best body cream I’ve tried to date." - Amy F., Creative Coordinator


4. NARS Body Glow

"The gorgeous tiare flower scent of this body oil always transports me back to my honeymoon in French Polynesia.  It is perfect on bare legs to impart just a hint of subtle color and sheen, and it leaves your skin so soft and moisturized." - Marie S., Senior Counsel


5. Korres Jasmine Body Butter

"I think this lotion is brilliant--it's as calming and relaxing as sipping a delicious cup of jasmine tea. It leaves your skin with that amazing silky texture that only REALLY good lotion leaves." - Mia R., Senior Art Director

6. ExfoliKate® Body Intensive Exfoliating Treatment

"This treatment smooths out rough patches and dry skin with ease. My skin looked and felt noticeably soft after just one use. The steam of the warm shower makes it even more effective." - Brandon H., Communication Manager


7. Sephora Collection Super Supreme Body Butter

"This ultra-rich cream is the only thing that quenches my super-dry skin's thirst. Its moisturizing properties last all day, yet it absorbs quickly without ever feeling greasy." - Amy G., Beauty Writer


8. Bliss Super Slough Scrub

"It's the perfect body scrub! The jojoba scrub beads are super fine and help get rid of that top layer of dead skin, leaving your skin feeling extra smooth and soft. Plus, I love the clean scent!" - Lynn C., Image Production Manager


9. Tocca Candle Collection
"These candles make my apartment feel romantic and cozy. They're perfect for when you are entertaining or just having a relaxing night at home.  My favorites scents? Stella and Florence." - Joey E., Merchandise Coordinator


What pampering products would you recommend for mom? Show & Tell in the comments!


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Re: Daily Obsessions: Bath & Body

@candacebt gotta love getting great products on sale!

Re: Daily Obsessions: Bath & Body

@Janinebt- You just described me perfectly with difficult to shop for or has everything.Smiley Happy

Re: Daily Obsessions: Bath & Body

@sephoramusthave - the guava version of the Korres body butter is another classic office fave! I swear I always see it on peoples' desks.


@lolo01 - glad I could help! (See? I knew someone would thank me! Smiley Happy)


@Garnett & beautylovingirl - I luuuuv L'Occitane! The only reason I didn't include is because I talked about it last week, lol. But they do have such great gifts!


@Janinebt - I feel like everything I own has shea butter in it, lol


@makeupmaven - So, I'm about to go buy that Caudalie scrub. #enablersRus

Re: Daily Obsessions: Bath & Body

The Caudalie Merlot Friction Scrub is on sale, great product:


Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish also is one of my faves, super concentrated:


Another idea, for anyone whose mom lives close to a store (who might enjoy something like this) would be to set up a Personal Beauty Advisor Consultation:



Re: Daily Obsessions: Bath & Body

@garnett and @beautylovingirl I'm also a big fan of L'Occitane. They had me at their little hand creams. Shea butter is great for...well everyone...but especially for those with super dry skin like me. They have excellent gifts for the person that's difficult to shop for or that has everything.



Whimsically yours,

Re: Daily Obsessions: Bath & Body

I started say I love L'Occitane  products my skin is so soft from using their products  and I agree with @garnett  their products last forever!

Re: Daily Obsessions: Bath & Body

I love all things L'Occitane, especially if they contain shea butter.  The hand and foot creams, body lotions, soaps, lip balms, and 100% shea butter tins make wonderful gifts for anyone who has skin! lol  They also make shower gels that don't contain shea butter but they are easy on the skin and smell wonderful. My  husband and sons love it because it really works and it's not perfumed. It just smells good.   These products  are rich in great ingredients that truly  banish dry flaky skin.   You don't need a lot to do the job so the tubes and jars last a long time.

Re: Daily Obsessions: Bath & Body

My mom loves her Soap and Glory tub of body butter I scooped up for her and she also likes the Nars Body Glow, she can smell it when i use mine, thanks for reminding me I will also include this with her gift! Smiley Happy

Re: Daily Obsessions: Bath & Body

I have the Korres Body Butter in Guava (SOOO GOOD BTW, I use it as hand cream) LOVE Smiley Very Happy


I tried the FAB cream, love the texture, its literally like frosting but the smell is kinda odd.

Re: Daily Obsessions: Bath & Body

I have to say that I'm totally on the LUSH bandwagon as well. For bath and body products, and unique beauty items, they are probably one of my favorite places to shop. Their bath bombs/bubble bars changed my life lol. I bought my mom a few things from there for Mother's Day with the same reasoning as Lylysa. My mom never spoils herself with beauty products, although she always loves them once she has them. And since I have a mild obsession, I make it my job to make sure she stays well stocked!


I did take her to Sephora over the weekend as well! It was her birthday on Sunday, so we made a trip for her to redeem her gift, which she was very excited about.

Re: Daily Obsessions: Bath & Body

mmm...Lush. Smiley Happy

Well don't mind me, but I'll just be over here talking about things that we do sell, like this amazing bath set from Philosophy. Smiley Wink

philosophy grace.jpg


Re: Daily Obsessions: Bath & Body

Though Sephora doesn't carry Lush or its items, I snagged my mom the My Fair Lady gift set from Lush for Mother's Day. My mom never goes and spoils herself with higher end or fun products so on special occasions, so I try to always keep her stocked with goodies! For Christmas and just a random time not long ago I got her a Tarte eye shadow/complexion kit on sale from here and the mini primer set that was $9. She's not much of a bath person, so bath bombs and bubble bars from Lush wouldn't go over too well, so the MFL kit has shower and moisturizer products which I know she'll love. I once got her a food/pedicure set from Lush too, Stepping Stone smells amazing! It's so packed with citrus oils that it's crazy fragrant!



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