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Brightening with Vitamin C


Dullness can be a drag! Your quick-fix? Vitamin C. This skin-lightening, super-hydrating antioxidant combats lackluster skin and helps you achieve a brighter, more youthful-looking complexion in no time.


Sunday Riley’s luxurious, glow-boosting C.E.O. Moisturizer fights first signs of aging caused by environmental stressors, refines skin’s texture, and visibly plumps using a powerful, next-generation form of vitamin C, THD ascorbate. Infused with vitamin C and collagen, Ole Henriksen’s powerful, anti-aging Truth Serum–bursting with an energizing citrus scent–delivers all-day hydration and leaves skin looking firm, radiant, and healthy. -Tracy J. 


How do you use vitamin C to brighten? Show & tell!

Re: Brightening with Vitamin C

I have used so many Vitamin C products but the only one I feel worked for me is Oskia Brightlight serum. It isn't easy to get in Canada so I use it on and off. I have started using Hylamide C25 booster in the morning a while ago. I like it but can't say for sure if it is doing anything for me or not.

I have tried OH truth serum but just like other OH products my skin doesn't feel any change at all. I have a few fools of SR CEO sitting around but haven't tried any yet.

Re: Brightening with Vitamin C

@kso1225You're welcome! Hopefully it will work well for you, especially since you've been using been using the Timeless. I only apply Vitamin C products on my face but since I don't patch test on my face, applying it anywhere else is like going from 0 to 100. lol. I'm still too afraid to use it purely on its own but I'm planning on gradually using less and less moisturizer in the mixture.

Re: Brightening with Vitamin C

@spadersgirl yikes that sounds scary!  Hopefully my skin is okay with the intensity since I'm using the 20% formulation from Timeless, but I'm definitely going to be cautious. Thanks for the heads up! 

Re: Brightening with Vitamin C

It doesn't specifically say Vitamin C but I use the Neogen Dermalogy Bio-Peel Lemon pads which has a variety of citrus extracts. I've had more success with those than the sample of the Skin Inc Vitamin C serum I got a while back, although the Skin Inc might have worked better if I had the full size to test for a longer period of time.


@kso1225mentioned The Ordinary and I started using the same Vitamin C product three days ago. I intend to try it out for the next 45 days before I decide how I feel about it. I don't know if mine melted a bit when it was being shipped to me but mine isn't gritty at all. Just a tad oily. But my goodness within the first minute of use the area I spot-tested burned so badly that I had to slather it with another product to dilute it. My skin isn't used to that high of a concentration of vitamin C. Now that I've been able to successfully mix it, I haven't any issues.

After the 45 days is over, if I don't like the results, I'm going to start using my Neogen Bio-Peel again or maybe give CEO a try. 

Re: Brightening with Vitamin C

I use vitamin C every morning and wouldn't dream of a routine without it!  I started off with Ole Henriksen's Truth Serum and then moved on to Drunk Elephant's.  DE's felt a little heavy on my skin for daytime (it has marula oil) so I switched to the Timeless 20% C/E/Ferulic acid. It's like a cheaper version of Skinceuticals and I have been loving it.  It definitely exfoliates my skin some but I've noticed my hyperpigmentation around my hair line has faded in the ~5 months I've been using it. I also love Ole Henriksen's Power Bright but it's pretty intense so I only use it every other week or so.


I ordered the Vitamin C suspension from The Ordinary to try next.  I've heard it has a gritty, unpleasant texture, but I'm okay with working around that if it's effective.  I have a few spots on my chest that I would like to fade, so I will probably test it there while continuing to use Timeless on my face.  

Re: Brightening with Vitamin C

I've been using OH Truth Serum for years, but I'm actually really curious about the Dr. Dennis Gross vitamin C serum. But, I'm on a no-buy after hitting Rouge for next year and can't get the promo right now!

Re: Brightening with Vitamin C

SR products never work for me but I actually really like the ceo moisturizer! Just wish as usual it came in a tube especially since it claims to have vit c..I can't see it being very effective in that aspect. It smells so nice. I made sure to grab a couple promo minis of this n foils. I do not think I will buy the full size though, too pricey for something I am not sure will stay active. 

Re: Brightening with Vitamin C

SR CEO cream was more for dry/combination skin and too rich for me, but the serum was perfect. It didn't irritate, slightly moisturizes and there's enough vit C that I saw effects.

Re: Brightening with Vitamin C

I used the OH Truth Serum for a few years, but I never saw a difference.  I love the scent though!


I just received the deluxe sample of the SR CEO Moisturizer.  I'm interested in what, if any, results I get with this product.

Re: Brightening with Vitamin C

@Samtian - How awful!  I can empathize.  That happens to me with any form of Retinol and lactic acid.

Re: Brightening with Vitamin C

I don't use vitamin C, or I try to avoid it at least. Any time I've tried anything with vitamin C I break out. 

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