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Beauty Insider Community Feedback

Hello beautiful Beauty Insider Community members! Welcome to your new Community. Smiley Happy 


It’s an exciting day! We’re starting this thread for you guys to report any issues and weird things that you are seeing or ask any questions. We have a number of issues logged that we are already working on a fix for, so this is a work in process.(Beta!)


Some things to note as you are reporting issues:

  • If you are looking for a thread and can’t find it, please post here. We’ll need to manually move some threads that got lost in the migration to their correct groups.
  • If you are reporting a bug please be specific about the issue you're seeing, how you got there (“I clicked here and it did *this*”), the device you're using and which browser you're in. 


Some tips:

  • If you are looking for a thread that you commented on in the old community, go to the front page of conversations and click the “My Posts” tab. This is where you will find all of your conversations activity, including your heart count.


It’s good to see you all and thanks for being patient!



We hear you on the sign on issue. We reported this bug weeks ago and haven't reached a solution so we're still investigating with our tech teams. 


For now, we want to collect as much information as possible to identify why this is happening so please follow these steps. 


  1. Clear your cookies and try to sign in
  2.  If you're still unable to sign in after clearing your cookies note your browser where you are experiencing issues
  3. Switch to a different browser / device (desktop, mobile web on tablet or phone, Sephora App)
  4. Please test different sign on methods and let us know your experience in detail
  5. Screenshot any errors
  6. If you cannot login on any browser, device and the app isn't working either we don't want to miss your feedback so please email your feedback to email and include your username
  7. If you can take a video of the experience the team says it would be extremely helpful. If you're willing to take the time please email that to and let us know your username 


Whenever reporting a bug we need as much info as possible or our tech team cannot reproduce the issue and verify it's actually occurring. If they can't see the issue they cannot fix it. You cannot overshare details, test on too many devices or share too many screenshots... The more detail the better!




Previous updates will be saved in the spoiler below:


UPDATE 8/23:

  • Live Community Chat is here! Visit the FAQs to learn how it works:
  • Q&A has been removed from product pages.
  • Reviews are temporarily down and will be back up tomorrow, 8/24.
  • We are seeing that many of you have received notifications about your rank changing. The ranks will (still) be changing soon but that was a glitch that does not necessarily reflect the actual rank changes. 

UPDATE 8/21:

  • Third level replies are being fixed.
  • Threading order should be fixed for everyone but you must be signed in or you may still have problems.
  • We're fixing the app keyboard.
  • Recent photos will be coming back to the Conversations feed but we do not have timing.
  • On the issue of the Customer Service threads clogging the feed: We feel your pain and we're working on it. We do not have timing yet but it's one of our priorities. 
  • You should also see some movement in your ranks soon


Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

Thank you @KatieBT !

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

@skcfan Really? I always got emails. I’m not even sure if it’s a setting or not to be honest, anytime I get a PM or Mention, normally I instantly get an email notifying me however it abruptly stopped and I feel so out of the loop lol 

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

@GG84 Nope, no emails. I get all the Sephora marketing emails, though. I wonder if I turned something off when I first joined BIC/BT, because that was quite a while ago.

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

@GG84  It’s been an ongoing issue for me, and it happens kinda randomly. Sometimes the email notifications are simply delayed up to 24 hours. Other times, I never get them. And I’m not sure this issue always coincides with not getting on-BIC notifications (no red dot beside the bell icon). Not long ago, I didn’t know I had new private messages until another BIC member tagged me in a post to let me know she’d sent me one. ☹️

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback


Yikes, I didn't know this was an issue...I don't think I've ever not received a notification for a pm!

But in any case, just in case...check your PM's...I sent you one last night 😊

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

Hi all - I’m back with a quick update here.


We've been working with our tech partners on this issue throughout the day and are going to be making an update this evening around 10:30pm PT. This update is so that our tech partners can continue to gather data and troubleshoot what might have happened. During this time, you may see an error message or maintenance page. We are just as confused as you all about why this happened and please know that the rank adjustment was meant to be additive for all members of Community and not punitive in any way. We're so sorry for the inconvenience, but know that we are all over this issue.

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

Hi @KatieBT . I wasnt experiencing this issue but I noticed it over the weekend. I'm a rookie again and was at GG1. If only I was 20 again. lol Smiley Happy Is it still an issue? Thanks for your help as always! Smiley Happy

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

@KatieBT , it seems to have been fixed for some folks but not for everyone (myself and @faeriegirl included). Thanks for continuing to work on it!

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

@curlychiquita  Mine was correct until Friday, I think. Smiley Very Happy I assume I was among the last batch of folks whose ranks were messed up, so I’ll be among the last to see a correction. For anyone whose rank is still wrong, I recommend patience. Smiley Happy 

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

Oh, ger, I hope you're fixed soon, @WinglessOne!

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

I haven't been fixed, either.  But some have. @curlychiquita 

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

I just got fixed today, @l8totheparty. I hope you are soon! @HunterKathleen, too!

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

Thanks for the update! I just reached Rising Star I the other day and now today saw I’m all the way back down to Rookie I. 😭 All that hard work (ha!) gone so fast! 


Hope it gets fixed soon! Thanks for all your hard work.

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

Thank you, @KatieBT!  I hope it's resolved soon.

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

Thanks @KatieBT ! I appreciate the effort by IT to remedy this issue! 😉

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

Thank you!

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

Thank you @KatieBT !  I was wondering why my rank dropped.  I appreciate all the time and effort you guys are putting in to get it corrected!  Smiley Happy

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

Thank you @KatieBT!

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

@KatieBT  Thank you and the Sephora team for all that you guys do, and for keeping us in the loop.

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback



We recently made a change which was meant to fix our ranking system and have some users' readjusted to get proper credit. Unfortunately, this has caused some users' ranks to go down and many have reported seeing notifications of their ranks going both up and down, which was never intended.


We reported this immediately and are working fast to get this solved but, in the meantime, please disregard these notifications. Thank you to those of you who reported this issue to us!


-Katie & Team BIC

@KatieBT @TeamBic in skincare aware our whole masking thr...

@KatieBT @TeamBIC in skincare aware our whole masking thread has disappeared 😭