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Beauty Insider Community Feedback

Hello beautiful Beauty Insider Community members! Welcome to your new Community. Smiley Happy 


It’s an exciting day! We’re starting this thread for you guys to report any issues and weird things that you are seeing or ask any questions. We have a number of issues logged that we are already working on a fix for, so this is a work in process.(Beta!)


Some things to note as you are reporting issues:

  • If you are looking for a thread and can’t find it, please post here. We’ll need to manually move some threads that got lost in the migration to their correct groups.
  • If you are reporting a bug please be specific about the issue you're seeing, how you got there (β€œI clicked here and it did *this*”), the device you're using and which browser you're in. 


Some tips:

  • If you are looking for a thread that you commented on in the old community, go to the front page of conversations and click the β€œMy Posts” tab. This is where you will find all of your conversations activity, including your heart count.


It’s good to see you all and thanks for being patient!


UPDATE 8/23:

  • Live Community Chat is here! Visit the FAQs to learn how it works:
  • Q&A has been removed from product pages.
  • Reviews are temporarily down and will be back up tomorrow, 8/24.
  • We are seeing that many of you have received notifications about your rank changing. The ranks will (still) be changing soon but that was a glitch that does not necessarily reflect the actual rank changes. 


Previous updates will be saved in the spoiler below:


UPDATE 8/21:

  • Third level replies are being fixed.
  • Threading order should be fixed for everyone but you must be signed in or you may still have problems.
  • We're fixing the app keyboard.
  • Recent photos will be coming back to the Conversations feed but we do not have timing.
  • On the issue of the Customer Service threads clogging the feed: We feel your pain and we're working on it. We do not have timing yet but it's one of our priorities. 
  • You should also see some movement in your ranks soon


Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

@angel7594 it is confusing Smiley Sad  I think I'll be a Rookie I forever *sniff sniff*

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

Not sure if this has been mentioned or observed by anyone else, but I'm kinda deflated about the rankings.  I understand we all started back to square one and all that, just feeling like I will never get out of "Rookie I" mode.  I haven't been online much this past week because I noticed that even the very active people that have 4 times my activity still have not moved out of Rookie I level.  Makes me feel like what's the use?.... just my opinion, maybe I'm hormonal and having a little pitty party for myself lol.  Wondering if anyone else feel this way?

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback


I agree. If they carried over all (or, well, most at least) of our previous hearts and posts, I don't understand why that couldn't have been used to calculate current rankings under the new system.


Of course, I was kinda disillusioned with the old system too...I saw several folks make HOF with only 400 hearts, yet I had 1100 and was nowhere near it, so if there's not going to be any transparency to the levels, I find any sort of ranking system here rather arbitrary and unintuitive and useless. πŸ™„


Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback


I wasn't keeping track really either...I just happened to see a couple of folks post "wow, I just made HOF" in the month or so before the swap, and out of curiosity I checked their stats just to get an idea of when to expect it. I was floored when I saw both folks had fewer hearts and posts than I did at the time. I started doing some digging around the boards and found a couple of threads discussing the progression, and while none of the info was concrete of course, it seemed you either got it way early, around 400 hearts, or you were stuck for eternity until somewhere around 3600 hearts. 


Then HOF gifts started going out, and I shamefully admit my feelings were sorely hurt for a bit. But c'est la vie...

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

@RGbrown That's weird - I think I was switched to HoF at 400 hearts, although I wasn't really keeping track of the levels. Everything is so cumbersome on the new site, the rankings are the last thing to bother me. But I get the annoyance! Right now I'm just following people I know around hoping I'm still allowed at the lunch table. (BTW "kudos" is the lamest. I just can't even with that. "kudos, RGbrown!" Ugh.)

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

It'd be helpful if on the main page, after you click to go to the next page, that the next page loads at the top of the page. It's time consuming to have to keep scrolling up and down. I also agree there should be more posts per page.


Something about this new layout isn't aesthetically pleasing. Maybe the lack of colors, long sized font, and flow of the threads is killing it for me. I'm not excited to come on BT anymore. It just feels like so much work just reading a thread I'm interested in or posting a comment.

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

@misscg couldn't agree more! I dislike having to click multiple things to get to a particular page..I liked the old main page layout where I could see all that was going on (posts, pics and even the occasional drama lol) and also my profile with hearts/messages. The only new thing I like is the post notifications but only when I am tagged or I get a heart, not for all convos in the threads I am subbed to. 


I keep trying and coming back to be active but I am easily bored/frustrated since I feel I am talking to myself unless I tag someone and by now feel I am only posting complains.. I feel bad because I know how excited and how hard the mods worked on this πŸ˜” 

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

I agree @Anewxa, the mods seemed really excited about this and I honestly was too....but it's just too much to try to figure out all at once. 

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

This is more of a suggestion, but I feel like it would be a better experience if there were more posts per page, or if posts were added to the page through appending new results to the bottom.  (I haven't found a setting to alter this)


I think it can feel a bit cumbersome to navigate through the next page button multiple times to find an interesting thread, I think the layout would be more approachable if getting new content was easier/faster


(just my opinion)

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

I'm sure this has been posted already but it argues my point- I'm having such a difficult time following the thread of a post. By that I mean that it's hard for me to understand which is the main post and what are the replies and the order in which the replies are submitted. I understand that this is supposed to be more of a reddit format but reddit is not this complicated. If you're sorting oldest to newest you should see the newest post, not the newest reply. Is it just me that's not getting it? 

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

On my posts it labels me as an "Insider" although I am a Rouge member. Can someone explain this to me? 

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

It seems to be another bug, because I see it switch for people as well. 

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

Not sure what you are seeing, but here's a screenshot from my end; it shows you as Rouge ☺️ @m26430Screenshot_20170717-115038.png


 EDIT: ok, wow, just noticed on the main Conversation feed that everyone seems to show up as "insider". Looks like another glitch πŸ™„Screenshot_20170717-115752.png







Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

Thank you @RGbrown. I appreciate you taking the time to screenshot. At least we know it is indeed glitchy. 

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback


Haha, yeah, I just noticed that and updated my post while you were responding. 

What a mess. πŸ™„

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

@RGbrown On the main feed it shows everyone being an insider until you click into the thread.....I wonder why. πŸ€”

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

Anyone knows how can we see our followers? I can see some ppl are following me but have no idea who πŸ€”

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

If anyone figures this out, let me know!  I'm being stalked by a few people as well.  (I'm not sure why they would want too.)

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

@fatimamummy  I was also wondering this also. At first I thought it was just a glitch on the app, but I logged in on my computer and still couldn't figure out how to see my followers.

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

Smiley Sad


Good luck!  Sorry you are having trouble with your reviews. @Beadshopgirl

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

I found a workaround @Tamara76. I can write a review on my iPad if I use the Puffin app. πŸ™‚

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