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Beauty Challenge: Skincare IQ

Have you tried Skincare IQ yet? It's a nifty little in-store gizmo (that's a technical term), that asks you to enter in your skincare concerns, and then pops out customized product recommendations. I've tried it, and I think you should too.


But because I know that everyone isn't lucky enough to live near a Sephora (my heart aches for you, it really does), and BeautyTalk is an online community, for this week's Beauty Challenge I thought it'd be fun to do a little crowdsourcing. We're all friends here; let's help each other out.


So sound off: What's your skincare concern, and what product(s) do you use to fight it? Show & Tell!


skincare iq 7.15.jpg


For the record, my skincare drama is super oily skin and small but super annoying acne flareups. For which I use my trusty Origins Super Spot Remover to beat back the breakouts!


Want more skincare recommendations? Try Skincare IQ online>

Or shop by skincare concern>





Re: Beauty Challenge: Skincare IQ

ok, now all we need is to find the best lipstick colors for our specific skintone!

Re: Beauty Challenge: Skincare IQ

@candacebt I'm totally hooked on them!

Re: Beauty Challenge: Skincare IQ

@ Candace! Tell me about it! I'm such a die-hard Truth serum fan a part of me goes "don't mess with a good thing", but on the other hand, I do like Ole's products so the risk of me NOT liking it is slim.

Re: Beauty Challenge: Skincare IQ

@Yuumei - seriously a great use for ProGenius oil, I didn't even think about that.


@lylysa - Yeah, it keeps going in and out of my basket. Smiley Happy


@makeupmaven - I've been thinking about taking more skincare related supplements besides just my daily vitamins...I'm going to look into that.

Re: Beauty Challenge: Skincare IQ

@Yuumei that is a really cool use for the ProGenius Oil!


I may be a little weird in that my biggest concern is pores, but I don't actually use anything to "treat" them (I need to exfoliate more, that helps of course). My friend makes a cleanser that doesn't strip my skin (before this I could only use cleansing oils...I'm not dry or sensitive but most creamy cleansers would strip my skin...probably because I don't exfoliate enough). I use an oil (also from my friend's line) that keeps my skin balanced, and PTR CC to promote evenness/ provide coverage and a healthy glow. I wouldn't even say uneven skintone is really a concern for me, but the CC (and the the oil) prevent uneven skintone from happening.


I talk a lot about Perricone's Metabolic Formula because internal skincare is truly my biggest beauty secret (including healthy diet, yoga, acupuncture...having a fruit smoothie w/ coconut oil and spirulina right now). Whatever I put on my skin couldn't really make a huge difference if my skin wasn't being made (you are what you eat) from healthy stuff! I don't mean to sound full of myself about it, but I really love getting compliments on my skin. One of my colleagues notices that I even drink a fair amount of coffee (every day, sometimes more than one drink) and it doesn't end up having a negative effect on my those supplements are worth every penny!


And of course I've used skincare iq...have used it/ tested it for quite a long time, glad it finally launched on the site and in all stores!

Re: Beauty Challenge: Skincare IQ

Not yet, I keep debating the duo with both arghhhhhh Smiley Tongue

Re: Beauty Challenge: Skincare IQ

My biggest war (as I am nearing the big 4-0) was with some serious redness and flaking on my cheeks that had gotten so bad I honestly thought I had developed rosacea or something. After trying many many many creams and serums I got the best and most lasting immediate results from SK-II Essential Power Cream. I now use 5 SK-II products weekly. My skin tone is fairly light (and I think the SK-II products might have a whitening effect as well) so I then started concentrating on some old blemish spots that I noticed were hanging around. Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins Mega-Bright Skin Tone Correcting Serum did a great job helping those to fade away to almost nothing, and I have not had any issues since using this product with new dark spots at all. My current battle is this little loose skin directly under the inner part of my eyes... I guess those would be bags? At the moment I am using NUDE ProGenius Treatment Oil to help conceal them... I don't know how but the tiniest amount off this oil instantly puffs my under eye skin smooth within seconds. I put it right on top of my makeup and it usually lasts around 6 hours before I feel the need to reapply. There are a lot of REALLY amazing products available these days Smiley Wink

Re: Beauty Challenge: Skincare IQ

Ole Truth Serum has changed my life - true story. I HOARD THAT STUFF. Smiley Happy Have you tried the new oil yet?

Re: Beauty Challenge: Skincare IQ

For post acne marks I rely on my super handy dandy dependable Ole Truth Serum! Smiley Tongue I love how rather than relying on ingredients that can risk sensitizing skin, it uses vitamin C to boost clarity, even tone, luminosity, and help aid in collagen production! It's what I use on the slight smile lines I have. No major wrinkle or line concern, but I suppose it's a good thing if I have them, that means I must be happy and smiling about something, right? Haha! The sodium hyaluronate helps to plump up lines too since it binds healthy moisture to skin and we all know dehydrated skin will only make whatever issue worse!

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