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Beauty Challenge: How do you Oil?



Fact: Beauty oils can be a little scary.


I mean, what are they? How do you use them? When? Will they work with your oily skin? I could give you endless stats and facts about how awesome beauty oils are, but this is BeautyTalk, so let's make this a team effort!


For this week's Beauty Challenge, it's time to talk oils. Do you use (and love) a beauty oil? How do you use it? How has it worked for you?


And if you haven't tried a beauty oil yet, I challenge you to go for it (and report back)!


Show & Tell!


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Re: Beauty Challenge: How do you Oil?

Did anyone else successfully ID the oils above without having to look the label? Who am I kidding, all of us addicts did! 

Re: Beauty Challenge: How do you Oil?

@lilyyy I am one of the "anyone else" that Id-ed the oils.. I wouldn't have known that I did without reading your comment lol



I didn't believe in any other oil than the Tea tree ever since my skin started breaking out 

but I started getting really dry during the winter ever since I've been exfoliating and moisturizing better - and as my acne cleared away. 

I've only head success with the Sea buckthorn oil that I've purchased at the Whole foods and the Fresh Sea berry oil. They help me calm down the redness and inflammation from over exfoliating and the cold weather. 

I've tried the Avocado oil and another organic combination of jojoba, argan, olive, etc oils but both broke me out a bit and didn't absorb.. couldn't sleep with that. 


I think it really depends on if the oil is suited for your skin... but I personally think its too risky... I hate having breakouts from a product... it takes forever to recover and meanwhile the makeup looks horrible 

Re: Beauty Challenge: How do you Oil?

@lillyyy - letsee - Tarte / ? / Tsubaki / ? / JM Smiley Happy

Re: Beauty Challenge: How do you Oil?

I love my tsubaki oil! Josie Maran is good to have on hand for moisture! Next on my list to try will be the Tarte.

Re: Beauty Challenge: How do you Oil?

I think I'm a face oil hoarder =D


 Do you use (and love) a beauty oil?

Yes, I use several: Sponge,La Bella Figura,Pai, One Love Organics.

My absolute favorite is the Pai (orange one, I use at night), and One love Organics Critical Chia seed oil used during the day. I feel as though the Pai has evened out my skin tone, although I must say I didn't have much if any hyper pigmentation to start with. The Chia seed is VERY moisturizing, but doesn't leave my skin greasy. Only 1/2-1 drop is need for my entire face & neck.


  • 20140102_111046.jpg


How do you use it?

I usually alternate between the oils, depending on what my skin needs at that particular moment. Oh I "pat" it onto my skin. I never rub it.


How has it worked for you?

I feel as though the Pai has evened out my skin tone, although I must say I didn't have much if any hyper pigmentation to start with. The Chia seed is VERY moisturizing, but doesn't leave my skin greasy. Only 1/2-1 drop is need for my entire face & neck.

Re: Beauty Challenge: How do you Oil?

As someone that's prone to breakouts, facial oils terrified me!  The JM Argan Oil broke me out & I vowed to stay away forever.  I did give in after awhile & tried the Tarte Maracuja Oil...  now use it exclusively as my facial moisturizer Smiley Happy  I've also used it to "cut" my KVD foundation when I want a lighter, more natural look.


I've gone through 2 "trial size" bottles & half of a full size in the last year.  I have my Fresh Seaberry Oil & the Boscia Tsubuki Oil on deck, waiting for their turn.  I'm super excited to try the Tsubuki Oil, it smells amazing!!  



Re: Beauty Challenge: How do you Oil?

every morning and night I use oil as my moisturizer I take a drop of boscia tubuski a drop of tartes maracuja and a drop of fresh seaberry and mix them together on my finger tips and pat them all over my face. I love the combination for glow and to keep acne away.


I tried 100% pure argan oil for the glow as well it was too heavy my mom told me my face looked greasy every time I had it on and it broke me out

Re: Beauty Challenge: How do you Oil?

Do you use (and love) a beauty oil? How do you use it? How has it worked for you?


Q#1.  Do you use (and love) a beauty oil?

A.      Yes, on both parts of this question.

             I have tried Josie Maran Argan Oil - okay, but a bit more oily than my skin likes.

             In addition to that, I liked how light and penetrating Tarte Maracuja Oil is.

             However, my Boscia Tsubaki Oil is a perfect match for me at this point since it doesn't irritate my eyes (a major issue for me), break me out, or sit on top of my skin like a grease-slick waiting to be absorbed.  Added bonus:  smells very nice, like natural botanicals.


Q#2.  How do you use it?

A.       I mix about 3 - 5 drops in with my FAB moisturizer then use an additional drop rubbed between my fingers to tap onto my eyelids at nighttime so that it can really maximize its potential to repair and replenish w/out having to fight all the environmental exposure throughout the day.


Q#3.  How has it worked for you?

A.       I've noticed that cold weather and dry indoor heating has depleted my skin's natural moisture more this winter season than any other, so I knew I would need something more intensive to add to my skincare routine.  It has cut any dry, flaky patches Ol' Man Winter tried to bless me with and definitely made my skin super-soft in addition to the deeper hydration.

Re: Beauty Challenge: How do you Oil?

@Mia you cut foundation with an oil?! I need to try this!

Re: Beauty Challenge: How do you Oil?

The oils are: Tarte maracuja, Nude ProGenius, Boscia Tsubaki, Fresh Seaberry and Jose Maran Argan.


Due to lighting/shadow, I am unable to distinguish if the last one is argan or argan light. However, considering the fact this line up does not include the newer ones (Origins plantscription, OH truth, Clarin Lotus etc), I am going to go with the older version, the normal argan oil.


Is it sad that I can tell which is which by bottle color and the dropper? altho it's mostly from putting together my oil comparison thread:


Re: Beauty Challenge: How do you Oil?

#oilhoardersunite Smiley Happy

Re: Beauty Challenge: How do you Oil?

I use an oil from my friend's line (includes oils she distills herself), but if I need something a little richer I use Kate Somerville Dilo Oil. I use it on clean skin, day and night, a few drops, press into the skin. Sometimes I put it on over my PTR CC. Love love love. My skin is way more balanced and glowing with oil than it is w/ a cream or lotion moisturizer. I would never go back!

Re: Beauty Challenge: How do you Oil?

Love, Love, Love Argan oil. For most of my life, I suffered from breakouts. It seemed to go against conventional wisdom to use an oil but I was sold after one experience. Having black skin, every pimple left a mark, almost without exception. One day when I was traveling, before I landed I noticed that I had a huge white head on my face. There was no way I was walking through the airport with that horror story glaring at everyone. So I squeezed it, and rubbed the Josie Maran Argan Oil on it, since I didn't have anything else. I happened to have a sample size in my purse. Not only was there no mark, the pimple dried up by the time I got to my hotel! It was the first time in 35 yrs, that that ever happened! I have been using Argan Oil ever since. My hair and entire body!!


Re: Beauty Challenge: How do you Oil?

I've started using some Argan oil sometimes but I'm not convinced it's better than the creams I like. Maybe in addition or under? More experimenting is needed. 

Re: Beauty Challenge: How do you Oil?

I have very very oily skin that is prone to pretty bad hormonal breakouts around the chin area. I've been starting to do research on oils and I understand the science behind it, but it's just such a change than what I've been doing for years. However, at Christmas I got a Josie Maran Escape to Morocco kit which has her light argan oil. I figured, "screw it" and tried it. I started using it just at night and my skin felt so amazing when I woke up! I did more research and found that it can be used under moisturizer for added moisture. I came to New Mexico from South Carolina for work and my skin went CRAZY dry so I started using it under my moisturizer during the day as well and it has made tons of difference! I still have a few little breakouts here and there on my chin every once in a while, but not NEARLY as bad as it has been. Just one or two pop up now vs 10. 


I'm excited to experiment and try more so I ordered the Sephora Favorites Beauty Oils Essentials Kit. I'm also expanding my skincare routine beyond clean and clear (Hey, it's worked for me forever) so I also bought the Sephora Favorites Skin Bender Volume 1 and Skin Cleanse Volume 2. I'm excited to try out some new skincare products and experiment with oils!

Re: Beauty Challenge: How do you Oil?

I use almost every single Josie Maran product because I absolutely LOVE Argan Oil!  I use the Argan Oil light as my every day under makeup moisturizer, I am going to Sephora to get the regular Argan Oil for at night!  I am so excited because I love how it makes my skin feel.  I do love the Maracuja oil, I have just found myself preferring Argan Oil.  


I also got a small size of the Argan Hair Serum in one of JM's holiday sets (the larger one) and it is my absolutely favourite product for my hair!  I live in a really dry climate as well as being try head to toe, not to mention my poor hair is colour treated and straightened and curled frequently, I use the Argan Hair Serum on my hair almost everyday.  I run it through my natural waves to soften and smooth, I use it when I curl my hair to gently loosen my curls and add shine, and I also use it when I flat iron my hair to help with fly aways for a really smooth and sleek look.  And my desperately in need of a trim split ends love it!  


So I am an Argan Oil convert, I will never be without it in multiple forms in my beauty bag!

Re: Beauty Challenge: How do you Oil?

I love oils and think they are wonderful butt... as much as I use  and love Josie's products the oil breaks me out numerous times and I'm thinking of using the tarte maracuja oil.  Many posts on here and QVC have said that maracujs oil have helped with acne prone skin. So I'm going to try this and see what results I have. Thank you. 

Re: Beauty Challenge: How do you Oil?

I notice this is a new thing at Sephora, but oil on my face? I have enough of that on my forehead thankyou Smiley Happy

Re: Beauty Challenge: How do you Oil?

I love oils. I'm definitely a collector. I like to try them all. 


@seemee22 I love Pai as well. 


I have the Tarte oil, JM Argan and Argan light, Tsubaki oil (not Boscia), another brand of rose hip oil that is not Pai as well as Pai, my beloved coconut oil which is awesome for taking off makeup, and using as a hair treatment.

Re: Beauty Challenge: How do you Oil?

So you all seem to be about the Argan oil, what about others?  I just started using the Sponge Beauty Avocado/olive oil,so far I'm liking it (fingers crossed). It does seem a little heavy, I am concerned about breakouts, but only using a drop or two at night has the extra benefit of making it last a loooong time!


I really like the Nude oil, but I'm putting that aside for now, with the Sponge oil.  I'm really curious about the Lea Journo Plum oil.  The reviewers all seem to adore it, but I got no responses when I posted a question about it.


Definitely interested in the Boscia Tsubaki,but I don't know, I really wasn't crazy about the sample I had.  I may just go back to my old faithful Aveda Beautifying oil.  This time of the year is great for soaking in a tub with the Aveda oil or good old Monoi oil added.  I also do overnight hair masks with the monoi oil, smells so good!  


Oh, does anybody have any experience with the Marula oil?  I kinda think that might be really good as a daily oil, whereas some of the others seem to be a little more specialized.  For instance, the Sponge as a heavier, wintertime oil, also the Boscia, while I've heard Sea Buckthorn is really good for hair.  


Any thoughts?

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