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Antioxidants vs. Aging


Commit to a plan of attack and fight visible signs of aging! Adding ultra-hydrating, antioxidant-rich skincare to your daily routine will defend against the external factors that tend to lead to premature aging–helping skin maintain its youthful-looking glow.


Great for use on the face and neck, Fresh’s lightweight Black Tea Firming Corset Cream contains an array of powerful anti-aging ingredients that work together to visibly firm and improves skin’s elasticity for a more defined, lifted appearance. Origins’ oil-free, antioxidant-infused A Perfect World™ SPF 40 Age-Defense Moisturizer with White Tea protects against environmental aggressors (like UV and pollution) for skin that looks healthy and vibrant. –Tracy J.


How do you combat signs of aging? Show & tell!

Re: Antioxidants vs. Aging

I make sure to use spf 50 when I am out and 20-30 when I am in and out. I have not dived into major anti aging products as most still feel heavy for my sensitive skin but I have started using hydrating toner/vit c toner alternating, eye cream (need to be more consistant on this one), added a deciem serum and moisturizer. I recently go a couple of Japanese skincare products via a BT friend who visited Japan so I am excited to give the "lotion" or essence a try. Other than that all I do is the occasional peel 1x week and Masking either hydrating or clarifying 2x week. I have learnt for my skin less is more.


Oh and if something goes wrong and doesn't work out for my skin - my love of my life skin product is Dr. Jart cicapair Tiger grass cream to help with any irritation, dry patches, redness and heal a breakout fast! Love. 

Re: Antioxidants vs. Aging

I've been challenging myself to use only products by one specific skincare brand for 2 weeks at a time so I can answer this more by brand than by products (side note: I've observed that brands often, but not always, make their products to work synergistically with their other products).


I think Farmacy, Ren, and Ole Henriksen all offer some excellent options. Farmacy is for skin that is already dry, Ole H is for fighting acne while fighting aging, and Ren makes the most "immediate" anti-aging results I've found in their peels/masks. While Clarins and Estee Lauder were both extremely heavy on me, I would definitely recommend them to an older age group as the results were extremely effective (..but tended to make me break out).


Murad actually surprised me by having amazing Anti-aging products as well as I mainly thought of them as an anti-acne brand. They are fabulous at both (but more costly than Ole Henriksen)


I haven't delved too hard into retinol, but I have used Honest Beautys eye cream which contains naturally-occurring retinol and it's fantastic. It also has given me minor irritation when it gets too close to other skincare products on my face, so while I LOVE it, I recommend it with caution!

Re: Antioxidants vs. Aging

I make sure that I wear sunscreen, wash my face before bed, moisturize, sleep on my back, and use the occasional peel. 


I also tend to rotate products that work for me. I find that I get to a point of diminishing returns if I stick with a regime for too long. 


In the last year or so, I've also gotten into microneedling, dermaflashing, and using the NuFace thingy. Yeah, I might have a teeny, tiny problem with looking older now that I'm firmly in my 40s lol.

Re: Antioxidants vs. Aging

To combat signs of wear and tear, the approach has got to be on multiple levels. Like those above had mentioned before me, lifestyle practices, diet/health, genetics, and proper skin care all work hand in hand.


Genetic-wise I will say I've been quite fortunate, but I refuse to just rest and rely on them entirely. My take is to make the most of what I have been given to work with and not just settle. While I'm not super strict on my dietary practices, I believe in finding a balance of what I consume, how much, and when. If I eat something that isn't the healthiest in the world I don't beat myself up for it until I feel down-trodden and super shameful, instead I try to either add in some physical activity to burn those calories or just be more mindful of what's next that I consume. I do love to cook, so incorporating as many whole foods in my diet is also what I feel allows me to get that little bit of leeway should I enjoy a sweet treat or bag of chips from time to time. I don't toss in terrible fuel constantly to my body, but at the same time I don't deprive myself either, so my body won't be prone to "freak out" if I have something that isn't the norm. I am a big stickler for staying hydrated so water is a must. I'm also an avid tea drinker so I get to have my dose of anti-oxidants in that fashion while also keeping warm and cozy.


In terms of skincare, it's no secret I'm pretty involved in that department as my passion for sharing product and ingredient knowledge here is pretty apparent Smiley Tongue. In terms of basic skin care steps, cleansing and moisturizing are two musts. Even if I'm dead tired, I will always cleanse my face and moisturize (if I can't bear to bring myself to use any serum, treatment, or eye cream). In terms of ingredients that I'm super keen on, anti-oxidants are a big player for me in the day time as well as SPF (that's my non-negotiable) and retinol for night time.

Re: Antioxidants vs. Aging

Aging!  While you should never let yourself is mostly genetics!  Cosmetics wise use sunscreen and stay away from sun. Protect the skin on your chest.  Sleep on your back. 


 The most important thing people can do for themselves is maintain the same natural weight (give and take 30 pounds)  throughout their lifetime.   Gaining and losing weight too many times ages you inside and outside. 




Re: Antioxidants vs. Aging

I avoid the sun as much as possible, eat right, and drink lots of water.  Having had super ultra oily skin as a child/teenager/young adult also helped too (as much as I hated it!).  Now I use a moisturizer twice a day, in the morning under my makeup and in the evening after I take my makeup off.

Re: Antioxidants vs. Aging

my #1 defense of warding off signs of aging is constantly treating my skin for dehydration. i typically use serums that are hydration-oriented (vichy aqualia thermal serum, and clinique moisture surge hydrating supercharged concentrate serum which i'm currently testing and liking a lot), as well as facial oils and moisturizers which tout hydration (rather than nourishing--which tends to be better for dry, not necessarily dehydrated, skin). my favorite facial oil is the CLARINS blue orchid oil, which is an oil that targets dehydration, for example.


as for products which tout counteracting pollution, for years i've been using the MURAD essential-c toner, which claims to help environmentally stressed skin. to be perfectly frank, i'm not sure how effective it actually is at that, but what i do know is that it help keeps my skin plump ! i'd like to try the newish REN anti pollution mist sometime, too.

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