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Add Sort Function to Wish List?

I buy an awful lot at Sephora shops and on line, but my wish list is still sooo long! So I think i would be nice to have sort functions on our wish lists. It would definitely help me plan my shopping if I could sort by price, by brand, etc. (or, dreaming on, be able to regroup products by type, like all nail polishes, all moisturizers, etc.; but I know that is asking too much)


Thanks for considering this...

Re: Add Sort Function to Wish List?

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who feels this would be useful!  I'm addicted to Sephora and if I could shop there everyday, I would.  But since I can't, I use the shopping list feature A LOT.  So far I've been resorting to deleting and then re-adding items so I can have my list in a specific order, but this is getting pretty annoying as my list gets longer...


I sent an email recently suggesting an option to move shopping list items up/down, but since the first post on this thread was way back in doesn't look like they're going to be offering a solution anytime soon.... 

Re: Add Sort Function to Wish List?

Hi ladies!


Thank you all for the suggestions! I'm happy to forward this request and think it is a great idea. Smiley Happy Hopefully we can bring some more new and exciting user friendly options to our site. 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Add Sort Function to Wish List?

Thank you so much, Diana!  I really hope they do something about this.

Re: Add Sort Function to Wish List?

It would be SOOOO helpful if there was a way to break down the lists. There are things on my list that I use daily and then there are things on my list that I'm saving for and I don't want to forget them. It would be awesome if there were categories like "need/love/want" or something

Re: Add Sort Function to Wish List?

This is a great idea! My list is ridiculously long, and I wish I could sort it into essentials or favorites vs. my wish list. It would also be useful to be able to sort by brands (and interesting to see the breakdown!). Smiley Happy

Re: Add Sort Function to Wish List?

That's a great idea!  My list is soooo long and it would be great to have a function added so that the products could be sorted by brand, by type, alphabetically, etc.  It sure would make things easier for me, too.  Great idea!

Smiley Happy

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Re: Add Sort Function to Wish List?

OMG I LOVE this idea! I have the same issue! I actually make seperate wish lists for these categories just to keep everything orderly.


Please Sephora, take this into consideration! Smiley Happy

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