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2 samples no longer 3?

I live in rural Minnesota, 120 miles from the nearest Sephora. I do majority of my shopping on line. If I were to enter a Sephora store and check my pride at the door I can ask for as many samples as I want, now on line, 2... Bad call Sephora.

Re: 2 samples no longer 3?

I completely agree! It's so disappointing that it has dropped down to 2 samples. In my recent orders, I haven't even gotten the samples I picked. Even if I wait for the 5 sample promotion, I only get 1 or 2 of the ones I actually picked because they sold out of everything else. My last order I even picked out a reward that said it was still available, and when my order arrived it was something completely different since they had sold out of it sometime between my order and when it shipped. It's getting more and more frustrating lately. 

Re: 2 samples no longer 3?

I am new to the Sephora family, been buying regularly in store for about a year now. All of this sounds really disheartening. I spend quite a bit of money on makeup and just like anyone else I want the most bang for my buck. After reading all this I’m wondering if I am shopping at the right place. :-(

@TIAinspiration Sephora has pros and cons just like every...

@TIAinspiration Sephora has pros and cons just like every store. They may frustrate the crap out of me but I am still here lol It really does suck that online we can only choose 2 samples now instead of 3, but if you go in store, you will still receive 3. One time the lady let me have 4! Smiley Happy I like most of the GWP (gifts with purchase) that are under the "beauty offers" tab. The rewards bazaar is okay. However if you are ROUGE, you can use your points to exchange for a $100 code! It's a neat incentive! Plus when you ROUGE you receive 1.5 pts for every purchase!

Re: 2 samples no longer 3?

I'm not sure what is happening with Sephora. Not only are there just 2, instead of 3 samples, but samples are mainly perfumes, I order the samples, but do not receive what I asked for (samples), which is supposed to be when they are out of specific samples (yet for days, they are still showing as available?).  The "rewards" are always showing as "sold out".  How can this be? I'm so disappointed. Sephora is not the Sephora it was anymore. Really disappointed.

@KelleAnn it really does suck we only receive 2 now. but...

@KelleAnn it really does suck we only receive 2 now. but most of the time I don't receive any or if I do, they are usually incorrect samples

Re: 2 samples no longer 3?

Agreed! I am closing out my account (have been a loyal and very active customer for almost 10 years), and want to spend my points but there are NO choices! Nothing! They are totally sold out. I sent a kind but clear email complaining about 1) drop from 3 to 2 samples, decline in sample quality, and in sample availability. I don't like perfume, don't want it, was excited to get samples, that's part of why I liked Sephora, but they now suck; 2) slow shipping compared to other options; and 3) rewards constantly sold out, and a serious decline in the quality of the rewards. I don't understand how they are retaining their customers. I complained about these issues, and here is the response:

Thank you for contacting Sephora. Your account no longer has Flash shipping this was removed on February 18th. I am happy to assist you with some further information.

Celebration Gifts are new to the Beauty Insider program, and they allow us to more effectively assist our clientele with personalized service. Some of our Rouge members only shop in-store, or are ok with a little bit of a longer wait time for their orders, so we made standard shipping free for all Rouge clients. Others wanted to share their Complimentary Rouge Makeovers. Others just wanted to get closer to our Rouge Rewards. With the new Beauty Insider Celebration Gifts, we give you a choice. You can redeem one gift every year. For 2019 our Rouge choices are Flash Shipping for 2019, 750 Beauty Insider Points, or 4 Deluxe Makeover Vouchers to share with friends.

All of these changes went into effect at the beginning of the year, and we sent out a few communications stating as such. If you did not receive these emails, we apologize.

I don't even understand what she's talking about, it has little to do with my complaints. Anyway, it sucks that I told her in my email that these changes were causing me to look elsewhere for my cosmetics, etc., and that's the response I got. Buh bye! Smiley Sad

Re: 2 samples no longer 3?

Yikes! 2 samples are very disappointing. I just cancelled my order and will hit Ulta this weekend.

Re: 2 samples no longer 3?


Re: 2 samples no longer 3?

I thought maybe because of the 20% off special for VIB and Rouge running and now the 15% for BI's. All I know is besides cheaping out on the samples, their rewards items are getting smaller by the minute. Do they realize we have to spend 100 dollars to earn 100 points-sending a 100 point item that is not even a quarter of an ounce is insulting.

Re: 2 samples no longer 3?

Honestly,  Sephora needs to up their game on their Samples. Absolutely no excuse for any mistake.   If I request perfume samples,  I DO NOT want makeup or skincare subs.   I had ordered from Nordstorm.  I picked the 3 samples and received EXACTLY the 3 samples I requested, barcoded and everything.   They were great.   Sephora?? not so much.   

Also, just ordered a fragrance from Macys and I received the exact sample they said would arrive with the fragrance.  And guess what??!!I also received a surprise sample goodie bag with 5 other fragrance samples and a body scrub, that I did not request.   Imagine my surprise and gratitude to receive, things I did not request.   If I am paying the same price, but get more services & goodies from other Companies, then  you can be sure,  Iwill take my business elsewhere.     Macy's also had a beauty event last week, where they had 15% off (with Nordys' price matching)   Sorry Sephora, if you can not fix your broken sample system, when there are  companies that are doing it right and are way more organized, then maybe you should start making sure your customers are happy.  

Re: 2 samples no longer 3?

I totally agree, been shopping directly from the brands a lot lately also.

Re: 2 samples no longer 3?


I understand your frustration and I will share this feedback with the appropriate department. 


Re: 2 samples no longer 3?

I have a bad back. My wheelchair is too cumbersome in tight Sephora stores so I use my cane. It is very hard for me to stand there trying on products or waiting for samples so turned to online shopping. Now that I'm older and my eyesight is getting worse, I wear less makeup or none at all so my only Sephora vice is perfume or bath products. I would always add 3 perfume samples to my order but would receive one perfume sample and two makeup samples. Does this now mean I can look forward to two makeup samples and no perfume in my order? I was always disappointed by the substitutions before but now I'm thinking I won't bother at all. Such a shame to lose a loyal customer over this.

Re: 2 samples no longer 3?

I totally agree. Some can't get to the store for many different reasons...I never understood why sephora gave the option to select samples only to get something totally different. And now down to 2 samples. Really?

Re: 2 samples no longer 3?

I will happily send you all of the perfume samples - I never order them, yet they seem to be substituted in every single order I make.  

Re: 2 samples no longer 3?

Thanks for letting me know! I thought I had lost one. Kinda sucks bc Sephora online is the only option for where I live. Not being able to go in store means less exposure to new products. 

RE: 2 samples no longer 3?

Personally for me I like the samples so I can see if something is too fragrant for me, a little scent is okay but too much I cannot handle. A sample is nice to find this out instead of buying something and having to return it.

Re: RE: 2 samples no longer 3?

I completely agree. Perfume samples help tremendously in finding scents that work for your body chemistry. I like to wear a scent for a few days to see how it reacts in different conditions. There are samples that I didnt like at first, but that ended up growing on me and lead to purchases.

Re: 2 samples no longer 3?

Frequently will buy something that I have sampled so it's nice to have the opportunity to try these. Someone in marketing and cost accounting must have done an analysis that shows that people will still buy product if they try 2 instead of 3. 

I'm with you, think it was a good little perk that they reduced - bad call. 

Re: 2 samples no longer 3?

I agree, I have found some my favorite products from samples... when I've been lucky enough to get something i actually wanted to try. Two samples will cut those odds even more and considering foundation and perfume samples generally go straight to the trash unless i can't find someone to give them to. Boo Sephora

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