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1/10 Weekly Wow and January Week Of Wow

Happy Tuesday! Before we get started here are a few reminders and an update on Canada's participation in this promotion.

  • Deals go live each Thursday and most are only on sale for one week only
  • When items sell out, they are gone so I suggest snagging your favorite deals early.
  • Canada will start having a Week of Wow once per month from now on and will receive unique CANADA-ONLY offers. This week is Canada’s Week of Wow, so we hope you enjoy these deals

JOSIE MARAN - 100 percent Pure Argan Oil $48 $24 (USD) $63 $31.50 (CAD)45879.JPG

Can you guys believe this oil has only ONE ingredient? It contains 100% pure, organic Argan Oil and it can be used to moisturize and nourish your skin, nails, and hair.  I tend to wash my hands a lot, so they’re always really dry but I found this product to be soothing and hydrating right away. You can use as many drops as needed, but keep in mind that a little goes a long way!


KAT VON D - Shade + Light Face Contour Refillable Palette $49 $29.50 (USD) $64 $38 (CAD)kvd contour palette.JPG

I am so excited for the KVD contour palette to be a Weekly Wow because it is truly one of my favorites and here is why, it contains three different contouring shades and three shades for highlighting, I tend to use a different shade of contour and highlight during winter and summer and I like that I can have both options with this palette. The formula is creamy, high pigmented, easy to blend, and long lasting and the best part is that you can refill the shades you need when you run out instead of purchasing a whole palette again.

KAT VON D - Edge Crème Contour Brush $32 $19(USD) $43$26 (CAD)kvd brush.JPG

This brush goes hand and hand with the KVD Contour Palette! It has a sculpted shape which allowed me to do a thin line to draw the contour where I wanted it and then turned it sideways to buff and blend easily.


The offers below will be exclusively for Canada ONLY:


T3 Singlepass Wave $200 $160

T3 - SinglePass Curl 1.25” Professional Ceramic Curling Iron$200 $160IMG_3117.jpg


Both of these were part of the US Weekly Wow last week and I'm excited Canada has the opportunity to have them this week! @KatieBT and I had the chance to test and review these a few months back when we were in Chicago for the Glowing Up tour. Time has been flying by! Katie tried the wave iron and I tried the curling iron. The curling iron was a bit thicker than I’m used to, but it heats up quickly, made my waves last all night and was so easy to use. Katie loved how fast the Singlepass curled her hair. She was concerned about how curly her waves were at first but combed through them with her fingers and loved her final look (see above), which was beachy and held for three days.

T3 - Volumizing Hot Rollers LUXE for Volume, Body, and Shine $149 $125hot rollers.JPG


As I told you guys last week, I am so sad we didn’t get a chance to try these out because I’ve heard amazing things about these hot rollers. If you have tried these we would love to hear your thoughts! The set includes eight rollers: Four at 1.75 inches, ideal for creating voluminous waves, and four at 1.5 inches, ideal for creating soft waves. Eight crease-free clips hold rollers firmly in place while preventing creases, all in a chic pouch for easy storage and/or travel.

MURAD - Dr.'s Picks for Radiant Skin $70 $49p428653-av-01-thumb400.jpg


I've been testing this kit for about two and a half weeks, it comes with four different products. An exfoliating cleanser, which is very gentle, polishes away dull, dry skin without irritation. A Retinol Youth Renewal Serum, which is meant to quickly and visibly minimizes lines and deep wrinkles, however for me I've noticed that is has helped me a bit to even out my skin tone and making my complexion more radiant. It also included the Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture, which is very lightweight cream with highly hydrating. And lastly one of my holigrail products, the Invisiblur Perfecting Shield Broad Spectrum SPF 30 PA+++. The invisiblur has SPF and works as a primer to blur pores while protecting the skin, and it truly makes my foundation go on smoothly! 

BOSCIA - Luminizing Pink Charcoal Mask $45 $234789654.JPG



We've reviewed this mask in the past, it's just like the Boscia Black Charcoal Mask, but in pink! This limited-edition mineral-rich mask is made with activated black charcoal to purify the skin. It peels off to detoxify and brighten your skin.

BOSCIA - Charcoal Pore Pudding Intensive Wash-Off Treatment $50 $25

This is black and white-swirled, charcoal-enriched face mask that helps  detoxify the skin while minimizing the appearance of pores and hydrating the skin!  

BOSCIA - Sake Brightening Bio-Cellulose Mask $50 $25      

BOSCIA - Sake Brightening Bio-Cellulose Eye Masks $20 $10    

BOSCIA - Tsubaki Oil Deep Hydrating Bio-Cellulose Mask $11 $6

BOSCIA - Charcoal Pore-Minimizing Bio-Cellulose Mask $11 $6

We didn't get a change to try any of these out (crying face...) but if any of you have please let us know your honest thoughts and which one you like best Smiley Happy 

ORIGINS - Original Skin™ Matte Moisturizer with Willowherb $43 $30098976554.JPG

This is a mattifying moisturizer and my oily skin approves! The smell is lovely, like fresh flowers and I love it because, while it is a mattifying moisturizer, it still gave my skin a natural, radiant look.

KAT VON D - Metal Crush Extreme Highlighter $36 $1845.JPG


These highlighters are out of this world! They are buildable but keep in mind that a little goes a long way. These have a beautiful foil finish that really catches the light. (The pictures do not do it any justice!)

KAT VON D - Metal Crush Liquid Highlighter $30 $15

If you love glitter and all things that sparkle then you’ll love these! Just like the powder highlighters, a little goes a long way. They are easy to use, but I do recommend using a makeup sponge to blend smoothly.659784.jpg



URBAN DECAY - Naked Skin Shapeshifter $66 $33



We previously got to test out this palette and I am happy it is back for our first Weekly Wow of the year. This three-in-one palette contains both powders and creams for contouring, color correcting and highlighting! I used the Light to Medium Shift and really liked to how lightweight and pigmented it is. I usually prefer cream contour palettes over powder but I found that these powders were so buttery it was very easy to use and blend.

UrbanDecay Pro Contour Shapeshifter Brush $55 $27.50UD Pro COntrour Shapeshifter.PNG


I would definitely say this brush helped me achieve contour goals! This brush pairs perfectly with the Urban Decay Pro Contour Shapeshifter palette and has all your needs for contouring, color correcting, highlighting, and blending.

CLEAN - Warm Cotton EDP 60ml $95 $47.50

CLEAN - CLEAN Original EDP 60ml $95 $47.50

CLEAN - Ultimate EDP 60ml $95 $47.50

CLEAN - Fresh Laundry  EDP 60ml 60ml $95 $47.50 

CLEAN - Reserve Skin    EDP 60ml 60ml $95 $47.50

CLEAN - RainEDP 60ml $95 $47.50 

CLEAN - Cool CottonEDP 60ml $95 $47.50

CLEAN - Shower Fresh EDP 60ml $95 $47.50

CLEAN - Air EDP 60ml $95 $47.50

CLEAN - BlossomEDP 60ml $95 $47.50

CLEAN - Fresh Linens EDP 60ml $95 $47.50


 What are your favorite contour products? Show & Tell! 

Re: 1/10 Weekly Wow and January Week Of Wow

@BrendaBT I'm looking through these products on the Canadian page and can't seem to find some of them listed with a weekly wow price.  Will these be going live with a sale price later today?  



RE: 1/10 Weekly Wow and January Week Of Wow

This brush at winners today at lunch for $24.99 in Toronto On front st (by Scott st) Canadian deal woo lol

RE: 1/10 Weekly Wow and January Week Of Wow

This same brush that Urban Decay was giving out as gift with purchase a couple weeks ago!

Re: RE: 1/10 Weekly Wow and January Week Of Wow

@melodymacd there’s a bunch of shade+light contour palettes at the winners in the path at Scotiabank plaza (Toronto) for $29.99 too!

Re: RE: 1/10 Weekly Wow and January Week Of Wow

hah I've seen them too! I'm in Brookfield place so the Path is my home right now lol

Re: RE: 1/10 Weekly Wow and January Week Of Wow

@melodymacd Omg haha so weird lmao I’m in Brookfield too! Small world

Re: RE: 1/10 Weekly Wow and January Week Of Wow

went to that winners you mentioned in the path today too! haha

RE: 1/10 Weekly Wow and January Week Of Wow

Sad to say the least for Canadians! As others mentioned, most of the items were in the sale section and 20% on top of the sale. Not understanding why Canadians always get shafted? Whenever there are something decent for weekly wows, it’s either US only or it’s OOS right off the bat. I.e. Urban Decay Naked and the Tarte Mini.

Re: 1/10 Weekly Wow and January Week Of Wow

Hate to shoot the messenger but the illusion that we are getting special deals only for us Canadians is insulting to say the least.  It comes off as pandering to get us to shut our mouths and stop complaining.  Most, if not all, these items have been on sale in the US before.  If we are going to get the sale anyway, or already have the sale, what is the point of just ticking customers off?  Weekly wows have been inconsistent since it started over a year ago for us.  Every time we finally get included it gets taken away.  Time and time again we get bare minimum responses, if that, whenever people ask any sort of questions.  Items go on sale for weekly wow but are never in stock even once during that time (like UD backtalk the last 2 times it was a 'weekly wow') and items are included that have been on sale for months with a "weekly wow" title slapped on it.  Why does go it from being decent for a short time to monthly, I don't understand Sephora reverting to this again.  Its sad knowing all these comments will more than likely be ignored and swept under the rug.. again.  

Re: 1/10 Weekly Wow and January Week Of Wow

Hi @sydtomato- thank you for your honest feedback. We read these comments and share with our partners in the Canadian office. We will do the same this week so appreciate the detail you included. 

Re: 1/10 Weekly Wow and January Week Of Wow

I'm tired of Sephora's weekly insult to Canada. Sephora's offerings for Canada are always significantly worse than for the US. Things like the Weekly wow going to once a month and including things that have languished on the sale page for ages makes me think that Sephora would prefer not to have my business or the business of any other Canadians. I'm not a business person but this seems like a poor business model. Nonetheless if Sephora does not want Canadians to shop there - fine. I already only shop at Sephora when I can't the product I want anywhere else. Just let other Canadian stores pick up any exclusive to Sephora lines and Sephora will never have to worry about having me shop there any more. 

Agreed. It's not a "Weekly Wow", it's become a weekly ins...

Agreed. It's not a "Weekly Wow", it's become a weekly insult. If only i knew they were gonna treat their Canadian customers as an afterthought, I would've boycotted them long ago and wish canada never opened their doors to them. They just give us leftovers... stuff that was on sale anyways cus it sucked. This is the final straw. Enjoy losing more business, sephora! You deserve it because it's clear to me now you're just a giant corporation who could care less about fair treatment and equality for all customers! I'll be heading to beauty boutique more now.

1/10 Weekly Wow and January Week Of Wow

I'm happy Canada is included this time

Re: 1/10 Weekly Wow and January Week Of Wow

Thanks for the update @BrendaBT , I’ll most likely be grabbing the kvd brush! 💖

RE: 1/10 Weekly Wow and January Week Of Wow

@BrendaBT Could you confirm if it’s Clean Skin, or Clean Reserve Skin in the weekly wow. It’s the only ‘reserve’ one you have listed but the price you have is for the regular clean skin (reserve skin is $130cad full price) I’m hoping it’s clean skin (not reserve) as I just sprayed my last of it at new year and have a gift card burning a hole in my wallet,getting a large bottle for less then the regular size would be wow indeed!

RE: 1/10 Weekly Wow and January Week Of Wow

So I ordered the clean skin large bottle and it is half price, yippee. The link above to clean skin reserve is incorrect

RE: 1/10 Weekly Wow and January Week Of Wow

Yeah,pretty sure you have tagged the wrong products. If I click the clean reserve skin it shows me the US one at $95 for 101ml, but to order it sends me to the Canadian site where it’s currently $130. Clicked the other tags and it links to a mix of US and Canadian sites and different sized bottles 30ml, 60ml and 101ml. Might be worth checking the tags are all directing correctly and the product names match those on the offer.

RE: 1/10 Weekly Wow and January Week Of Wow

I completely agree with everyone. This is almost insulting to Canadians as I see no effort of you guys trying to offer us good deals, and this is just embarrassing Sephora. You might as well not offer us anything. So glad I didn’t spend all my money last year just to make it to rouge like the previous year.

1/10 Weekly Wow and January Week Of Wow

@BrendBT while I understand its not you, it's really frustrating that Sephora Canada continues to ignore and play the Canadian consumers for stupid. As was previously mentionned by other posted, these items have already been in the sale section. If people didn't buy them with an extra 20% off, why would you try to repackage them as a Weekly Wow?.. How incredibly lazy, uninspired and downright offensive. All the shenanigans that Sephora has been going on with lately is too much. While I am a Canadian, I go to the States regularly enough. So if Sephora Canada won't honour us, I will spend my money at a company (Ulta) who actually runs great promotions for their customers. ✌️

Re: 1/10 Weekly Wow and January Week Of Wow

@BrendaBT These "Unique" items for Canada have been in the sale section for literal months. You can't catagorize it as something different and now its a new promo. The only thing different is the Clean Fragrances - which we don't evidently get pictures or descriptions of (like all the US Weekly Wows get). 

I don't know who is in charge of promotions, i'm sure its not you guys - but we weren't born yesterday. Either act like you mildly care or dont offer anything at all. 

Re: 1/10 Weekly Wow and January Week Of Wow

Thanks for the info @BrendaBT!  But why is Canada only included once a month?


Some of these items have been on sale before or are already in the sale section... So is it really a weekly wow or more like trying to come up with something for Canada and hope we shut up about it... It feels as though these items were already going to be on sale but you guys are just calling them weekly wows to make sure we stop complaining. Feels like we are being played. I swear Sephora thinks we are stupid shoppers. So many items are still full price here when in the US they've been on sale for months... some even at discount stores like TJMaxx.

2 Replies
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