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Post in Trans is Beautiful

Transgender Awareness Week 2023 Check-In

Hello everyone! I hope everyone’s week is going well, especially during transgender awareness week. 


I wanted to provide a space for everyone to check-in and connect. How is your journey coming along? If you’re doing well, let us know! If you need to vent or let something out, we’re here for each other too. And if you’re an ally, you’re also welcome to show your support in whatever way you can! 🩵🩷🤍



Re: Transgender Awareness Week 2023 Check-In

@terrim235, you look beautiful! The colors and products your makeup artist used wonderfully highlights your features! Was there a product (or products) you absolutely loved? 

It made me smile (I’m still smiling now) to read what a wonderful experience you had. Your smile here says it all! 

Re: Transgender Awareness Week 2023 Check-In

I loved all the products that was used. I purchased the Estee lauder foundation. I had beem using it for years and they had discontinued the one I had used. The artist used a similar shade that was perfect. I first became aware of Sephora years ago at a convention in Massachusetts.  They did a great presentation and when I returned home I of the managers at a store how happy I was with Sephora.  

Re: Transgender Awareness Week 2023 Check-In

Reading this made my eyes tear up and also brought a smile to my face @JoSometimes. I'm so happy that you're able to be comfortable in your own skin in public and around your loved ones, especially when at home.You look amazing in both pics, but i am really loving the blend of masc and fem 😍

Re: Transgender Awareness Week 2023 Check-In

Thank you @furbie! It took some time to get here but I’m glad I made it eventually. 😊

Re: Transgender Awareness Week 2023 Check-In

@JoSometimes  Aw I’m so happy you’re incorporating pieces of your personality and self expression into your professional wear.  I love your androgynous style! 
I’m glad your wife is supportive. I don’t know her but already love her and think she’s an awesome human!  Hahahha, and I love that she’s pilfering your makeup stash!  How bratty 😛😜. You’ll see it again, but on her. 😉

Re: Transgender Awareness Week 2023 Check-In

@heartsmyface She really is the best! It’s nice to have someone I can chat with about makeup, skincare, and fashion now in addition to everyone on BIC. She sends me makeup links now and it’s fun to comb through Sephora together! 

And thank you! I’m loving adopting a more androgynous style. I can wear something femme and still fly under the radar. I need more fashion tips from you though!

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