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Post in Trans is Beautiful

Opening up to people...

Hey I am a man wanting to transition but live in a small city in Tennessee. I have only expressed my trans tendencies to a few I’m so glad there’s a community here geared to help us. Trans is beautiful, we are beautiful, we are loved, and we will glow. I love y’all ❤️🏳️‍🌈

Re: Opening up to people...

@KPBabyyyy Welcome to our little happy corner of the internet! Makeup can be daunting so be sure to check out one of the Sephora Classes for Confidence if they have one near you!

Re: Opening up to people...

Hey @KPBabyyyy! So glad you found this Community to help you feel comfortable and safe. You are beautiful and hopefully you feel that you are given the space to express yourself freely on here. Much love to you! Heart 

RE: Re: Opening up to people...

Omg! Thank you so much I’m trying to begin with makeup and cross dressing before I make huge transition. Your words mean so much to me. Makeup is hard and I’m a bigger person so it’s hard for me to feel confident and pretty in my own skin I cannot wait to learn more about makeup!!!!
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