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Makeup that will help me look androgynous

I’m a teenager, with teenager skin, acne, blackheads, whiteheads, combination skin 🤮. I’m oily on my cheeks, chin, and top of my nose, but dry on the sides of my nose, and forehead is like both. I’m very minimalistic with my makeup, mascara, eyeliner (sometimes), lashes (if I’m in the mood). I have like dirty/strawberry blonde hair. And I’m genderqueer or nonbinary. I want to look more androgynous but still wear makeup, even though I look pretty feminine. Help?

RE: Makeup that will help me look androgynous

it’s all about contour and eyebrows! try a cream contour stick or palette (I like fenty and Anastasia Beverly Hills) and focus on hollowing the cheeks and temples and sharpening the jawline. as for eyebrows, they don’t have to be super thick, just angular. hope this helps! google “male contouring” for more tips!

Re: Makeup that will help me look androgynous

@ashwildeisugly try checking out Hwan'e on youtube - most of his get ready with me videos are subtitled in English and he is brilliant at doing a variety of make-up looks.

Makeup that will help me look androgynous

hi I hope my answer can help,but I would say some tips to help you look more androgynous since you say you look feminine when it come to make up would be to do thicker brows. Don't got to crazy lol but maybe just exaggerate them a bit if you have thinner brows. you can also try and define your jaw line to look a bit more masculine as well. Other thanthose I would say clothing and hair styles will be other things that you can do to help. I hope this was helpful for you.

RE: Makeup that will help me look androgynous

Thanks I’m like 5’3, I got bored one day and shaved my hair off and it’s growing back like (it’s kinda like a nice puffy mullet like a Lion’s mane kinda thing. I’m a whole item of manic. I guess I have like normal??? Eyebrows like they aren’t thin or thiccccck but like normal.
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