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I need some help - dark spots around my mouth

I’ve been doing hair removal on my face for 1 ½ years - and it’s doing what it needs to do- BUT- I have these dark spots around not mouth, specifically at the corners of my mouth on my chin and sometimes color correcting works and sometimes it doesn’t. I need help figuring out how to either get rid of them or cover them successfully. It seems like no foundation is full coverage enough. If you have the same problem or know how to correct- Please help. Thank you. 💜 Christyn (She/her)

Re: I need some help - dark spots around my mouth

Hi Christyn, 


If you are looking to cover the spots you should skip using a foundation. Foundations are meant for full face coverage.


You should really be using a heavy/thick cream concealer. Try the brand Dermablend. They are known for their full coverage concealers. Place that on the areas and make sure to set with a powder! 


Natalie (Makeup Artist)

Re: I need some help - dark spots around my mouth

Hey sis! If the darkness is from ingrowns or acne blemishes, Murad has the Invisiscar Resurfacing Treatment which can help take care of post inflammation scars and redness. Or if it's hyperpigmentation, try the Rapid Age Spot Correcting Serum. Both are definitely worth checking out(individually)! 

Re: I need some help - dark spots around my mouth

Hi Christyn,  

Without seeing a photo, and not knowing how dark the spots are, I can only guess what you see is hair. I'm not sure if by "hair removal" you mean electrolysis or laser, which complicates my suggestion - try not shaving for a day or two, if that's possible. It took between 3-5 years to clear my face, by the way, and I didn't even have a lot of hair. It just takes time. You could always pluck them if it's just one or two and you're in a pinch. It only hurts a little.


As for covering, the best advice I can offer is to get as close a shave as possible (assuming you still do that). If you don't use a good face wash before shaving, I highly recommend using one, preferably with a brush (do this after taking off your makeup as well; you'll be amazed). The Clarisonic Skincare Mia 1™ Skin Cleansing System White is a good one (I've been using Clarisonic brushes since 2005, big fan). I really only wear makeup to take selfies with anymore.


The other possibility is hyper-pigmentation. You should be using a good sunscreen most of the time, but especially after hair removal (or anything that stresses your skin). UV light can adversely affect how skin repairs itself. Farmacy Green Defense Daily Mineral Sunscreen is very nice, but it can change the color of your foundation. Maybe consult a beauty advisor? I hope this helps. Stay safe. Ava

RE: I need some help - dark spots around my mouth

Are they pigment spots or do they seem to be follicles? That would change what approach you would use to conceal them.

RE: I need some help - dark spots around my mouth

They might be follicles. How would I approach it if this is the case? I feel like laser or IPL might have done everything it can.

Re: RE: I need some help - dark spots around my mouth

If it was follicle, what would be the approach to treat?

Re: RE: I need some help - dark spots around my mouth

Hi. Unfortunately, if the spots in question are hair, the only thing to do is start (or continue) electrolysis, do your best to shave as closely as possible, and use a good coverage foundation over a primer (this will make everything stay in place and last longer).

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