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Post in Trans is Beautiful

Full makeup

I live in the Houston area and reading Corrie Conrad's statements on helping the trans community, I thought 'Wow that's excellent'. I look at the 'What's happening inStore' all the time and there are Transgender classes come up but it is all about skincare.


Whilst skincare is very valuable information I need some assistance on makeup, especially something like contouring. I have been to a few makeup artists and whilst they may be excellent at a CIS girl it is challenging to get a good result and costs a lot at the same time. Why doesn't Sephora do full face sessions? I would even pay for tuition if it was valuable and a reasonable cost. Sephora would hold me as a customer if they held my hand with guidance on full face makeup. If anyone knows where I can get tuition on full makeup at a reasonable price I would love to hear about it.

Re: Full makeup

I would suggest doing some of the individual classes like the free ones on foundation, contouring,  smoky eye, brows etc. I have done these and found them helpful and while they may not be exactly you have in mind, I think You will enjoy them and find them useful. You could always do a full face makeover in exchange for $50 purchase. I also found that helpful and the agent doing mine was eager to answer questions and make suggestions for later.

Re: Full makeup

Hi @SusanY66 We do offer Bold Beauty for the Transgender Community Classes for Confidence. You can find more information and locate a class near you here>

Re: Full makeup

This is what I see when I find the classes:


'A class created especially for transgender or non-binary people to learn about techniques and products to fit and empower your beauty. All sessions are taught by trans-sensitive instructors. Please note: this is focused on skincare/complexion and is not a full-face. Friends, families, and allies are also welcome. 90 mins.'


I want to learn contouring and color choices to help me disguise my masculine features..




Re: Full makeup

@SusanY66 complexion can also mean base/face makeup, so foundation, concealer, color correcting, blush, contour, etc. I think that's what they mean. It's not a full face in the sense that they’ll do your brows and full glam eyes from what it sounds like. Sephora employees are usually really helpful and might help you with any questions you have. If you look at the promo video in the link  @keelybt sent you, it kinda of gives you an idea of what to expect and it wouldn't hurt to give it a shot!

A full face makeover is I think $80 now. I'm not sure as they have recently upped the prices. I would ask at MAC as well, I think the prices are around the same. If you're interested in learning more about contour in the meanwhile, YouTube is a great resource. Patrickstarrr, for example, has a lot of contouring and full glam look how-tos that were really good (especially the older ones).

Re: Full makeup

Thank you so much, you have been really helpful!

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