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Crossdresser Makeover

So, I’m a MTF crossdresser, as you can probably tell. I’m very interested in getting some technique and product advice from a pro, and Sephora seems like a great and welcoming spot to do that. I have a few questions about how the service works, though.


The first is that my preferred style is dramatic makeup. Not drag style, but I like the maximum effect short of that. Do the Sephora pros do this style? I’ve attached some photos to illustrate.


Second, I have thick brows, which I usually conceal with glue stick or Pros-Aide and powder. I guess I should come in with that already done. This is important to me because drawing great brows is one of my biggest challenges. Can Sephora pros help me with that?


finally, this isn’t a great or specific question, but I’d like a little input on what would be the most comfortable way to show up. Totally crossdressed but no makeup at all (except brow cover)? Dressed as a male? Or something in between, kind of androgynous? I know the default answer to this is probably something like “whatever makes you most comfortable,” and I can appreciate that, but my comfort would be enhanced if the store is comfortable with me, so a little guidance would be welcome.



Re: Crossdresser Makeover

@Morgan777James Welcome to BIC! Feel free to ask any questions and post your looks. I have never gotten a makeover at Sephora but I'm sure they'll be able to accommodate you. Maybe you can scope out the store nearest you and get a feel for the vibe? You can schedule a service in person so you can chat with an associate and see how they make you feel.

As for brows, if you're blanking them out and basically starting from scratch, I think I would come in with them already set and a ready canvas. If you want to practice on yourself, look up a brow mapping diagram- it kind of shows where to place the start, arch, and end of tail for your brows. TikTok even has a filter for it. However, if you want a more dramatic look (closer to drag, with higher arches) Patrick Starr has a video on it Brows are hard for a lot of people (including myself) so don't be discouraged!

Re: Crossdresser Makeover

@Morgan777James Welcome to the community! I’m sure you’ll find that everyone on here is super friendly and helpful. I’ve picked up quite a few tips, recommendations and advice during my time in the BIC community!


Ive only had a few experiences with the Sephora pros, but they’ve all been really good. I went in once to just learn how to do a smoky eye on myself (I could never make it work at home). My pro was really understanding and patient while I struggled to copy what they were doing. I’ve also been for a full glam beat for an event, so I’m sure they would be able to help achieve your desired look while also teaching you new techniques!


im not sure about the brows, but if you want tips on how to draw them, then maybe come in with them glued and concealed! I don’t think they’ll have the glue stick to do that readily available. As for the rest of the face, I find it’s easier to come in otherwise barefaced.


I was definitely going to revert to the “whatever you’re comfortable in!” Answer (which I do still think is true!), but if you’re uneasy, I’d probably suggest to go into the store you would be booking the service at, and speak to some of the pros to see if there is anyone that you feel you connect best with. That way, you can show up how you feel comfortably, and have already established a rapport with someone so they can understand your needs and what you’re going for!

Re: Crossdresser Makeover

Hi @Morgan777James and welcome to BIC!! first of all, you are already very good with your looks 😊 yes, this community is very friendly and welcomes everyone, it's so nice to me to see people FINALLY express themselves and who they really are, without issues, it's a breath of fresh air....I can imagine it's the same for you 💖 I'm a girl, but I don't wear makeup....I just use lipstick on bare face (I also don't have much acne or wrinkles concerns) so I'm not the best for advices. But I think that you should go in an actual store to see if they can help you, because I don't know if they can do a lot from here. I see what you are saying, I saw a few people on socials with your style, people seem to like it. For the brows concern, maybe youtube tutorials can be a tool for learning. And don't worry what others think, if you want/need to show up in a store for makeup advices, do that and I'm sure that they will welcome you in a nice way. You will always find someone that has different perspectives than you, but my opinion is that if you are a kind soul and you are there just for a makeup chat, there's no need to push people away.....we should be more empathetic with others. Also, yesterday the whole world celebrated the international day against discriminations so....people should open their ears very well, and shut their mouths if they don't have anything nice to say. Good luck with everything 🍀🐞

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