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what's a body wash that you don't need to use body lotion after?


It's usually best to follow up a shower or bath with some...

It's usually best to follow up a shower or bath with some type of moisturizer as hot/warm water depletes our skin of natural moisture, so we must put that moisture back in. Though I understand the want of skipping a step sometimes if you're in a hurry or just don't want to bother, maybe try a bath oil or a cream/oil based body wash. These tend to be a bit more hydrating than a traditional gel. Many formulas will contain sulfates of some kind, which are lathering agents and detergents that provide that nice bubbly foam to give you the visual of being clean, but can also strip skin of moisture from time to time. 


Look for ingredients to balance this out like glycerin, honey, aloe, coconut milk/oil, sweet almond oil, ceramides, hyaluronic acid (binds moisture to the skin) and shea butter/extracts.


Sephora, Laura Mercier, and CeraVe makes some washes that you can look into.


If you find that you don't like taking extra time to apply lotion after you've toweled off, keep a tube of body cream or bottle or lotion in the shower next to your wash, once you're rinsed off, apply the moisturizer right there in the shower. Many skin care experts suggest this so you're also locking in moisture from your shower into your skin!

I have yet to find a body wash where I don't need to mois...

I have yet to find a body wash where I don't need to moisturizer afterwards.  I usually use Nuetregena body oil, as it absorbs and doesn't fell greasy .  Or I'll Ouse CereVe and that usually is enopop, especially in the hrsh winter time.  If u find a good body wash where is lotion or something isn't needEd, I'd love to be able to skip a step.  It's cold!

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