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water cleanser?

i am so lazy. and i really wanted to try somthing like claudilies cleansing water or the sephora triple action cleansing water, or vichy has one that sounds good. what one should i buy? i have sensitve, midly dry skin. and i only break out when i don't wash my face or just use face wipes. would i break out if i used the cleansing water as a cleanser twice a day? (use it on a cotton pad in the morning, at night use it to remove makeup and cleanse) thanks so much! Smiley Happy 

Re: water cleanser?

I once used my points for a Caudalie 500 pt perk and it came with the cleansing water.  I really liked it for lazy times when I didn't shower at night and needed to wash my face. however, I didn't know it was tested on animals...that takes it out of my preferred products for sure.  I'd rather not buy products tested on animals.

Re: water cleanser?

I love the Micellar water cleansers!  These are the ones I've tried so far:


Lancome  Eau Fraiche Douceur

Caudalie Cleansing Water

Avene Eau Thermale

Sephora Triple Action Cleansing Water


I think the Lancome is my absolute favorite.  It's also the one I started with and have gone through several bottles altogether, but it's just too much $$$$ so I started looking around for other options.  Caudalie was nice and lightly fragranced, but I was actually glad when the bottle ran out because it left a bit of residue on my skin which I didn't like much.  No complaints about Avene which I'm halfway through right now, but I sort of feel like the Lancome one cleansed a little better.  The Sephora one, didn't really get a good reading, because the fragrance was SO STRONG I just used it 2-3 times and gave up.  My skin gets irritated really easily especially with strongly fragranced products.  The Vichy is actually next on my list to try!


At first I started using cleansing water because I was lazy at night sometimes and didn't want to do a full cleansing, but for me that still led to breakouts so I've learned to use these just as makeup removers.  When I get home from work I might use the cleansing water to remove makeup, then spritz with my Clinique Moisture Surge face spray or a light moisturizer.  Then at night I'll still fully cleanse with cleanser and warm water.

Re: water cleanser?

Unitl I found out Caudalie's products are tested on animals, I was using theirs and it's pretty good.  I've switched to Koh Gen Do.  It's actually slightly better and doesn't leave as much residue behind.  

Re: water cleanser?

I love Koh Gen Do! Quick question, do you use toner/moisturizer afterward? what type of skin do you have? Because it's marketted as a make up remover, I haven't tried it as cleanser/all-in-one before and would love to know. =)



Re: water cleanser?

Hi-  Isn't Koh Gen Do great?!  Their Aqua Foundation is life changing!  To answer your question, I have very dry skin with sensitive eyes  that react to a lot of products. I've never used a toner so can't offer help with that.  But, this works perfectly as an all in one.  I use it with Sheseido cotton (another favorite product!).  I'll wind up moisturizing at some point because of my dry skin but it has nothing to do with the product.  It leaves my skin completely comfortable.  And as someone else pointed out, no slight residue like Caudalie. No frangrance either which is great on the eyes. I bought the big bottle at Sephora but I see the KGD website has an even bigger one with a pump.  Hope that helps!

Re: water cleanser?

Howdy howdy,


I've only tried the Caudalie one. So first I will give my experience. I have oily combination skin that get dry in the winter, not to be confused with actual dry skin. I absolutely love using it as a make up remover. However, if I just go home, wipe with Caudalie cleansing water, it's hydrating enough for me that I don't need to put on moisturizer afterwards. The first day was ok, but I start getting breakout the 2nd day. It always happens when I use it consecutively, does not happen when I just use on separate occasions, so I think it's because, since this is a no rinse, the oil on my skin that didn't get completely wiped off combined with the moisturizing quality of the water and became a bit too much. I have no reactions to facial wipes, so maybe the cause of your and mine breakouts are the same, or maybe you get breakouts from wipes because it's too drying for your skin while I get it from the water because it's too moisturizing.


With that said, since you have mildly dry skin, I think it would be perfect to use in the morning. It is great for removing make up at night, but as a you use a toner afterward? if so then you prob won't have any problem, and it is more moisturizing than rinse off cleansers, so you might want to adjust your moisturizer accordingly.


Eitherway, I really enjoy it as a make up remover or quick refresher before/after exercise, so I recommend trying it out.

Re: water cleanser?

Hi nanobear18, 


I've had great luck with the Caudalie Cleansing Water since it is gentle and doesn't dry out the skin. These are pretty basic and don't have any extra oils or ingredients that could cause breakouts so I'd definitely give it a shot and try it out. It's a great multitasker as a cleanser, makeup remover and toner in one!

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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