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textured skin suggestions?

my skin has really went through a lot of sh** this past year. it used to be extremely smooth/clear (besides some bumps/texture on my cheeks) but now it changed completely. there are these tiny bumps all over my upper cheek/eye area along with the sides of my nose. but even though they look bumpy, they aren’t actually that bumpy in texture when you physically feel them. i just have no idea what to do and im hoping that somebody here has any suggestions/go-tos for textured skin. for a side note, i have been changing my skincare routine quite a bit (besides the cleanser I use for this area) and i do have a lot of moisturizers/after cleansing products that I use. could this be the issue to the bumps/texture?

textured skin suggestions?

it might be milia.. have you tried a peel to re develop skin so it's new layer? Kate sommerville has a good one . Smiley Happy
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