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don't you hate when stress catches up to you?!?!? Now that things are finally calming down a bit in my life NOW my body is turning on me. My face is really itchy on one cheek and my hair is falling out! how annoying! I don't know if my skin is dry or what hopefully coconut oil will help (really need to join the group on here that is doing the coconut oil experiment!) 


What beauty supplements do you take?

What do you do about hair falling out? 

How do you make your body bounce back after it starts freaking out?

Re: stress!

I have physical reactions to extreme stress as well. I get a terrible rash that I actually have to use a prescription cream to heal, or it will just keep getting worse. I also get bad headaches that will last days. Its very strange how stress can effect the body so significantly, isnt it?!


Once I get stressed to the point of getting a rash or headache, theres really nothing I can do but let it run its course and use the cream and take lots of ibuprofen. I find its best to try to manage the stress before it gets to that point, which isnt exactly easy.


Anyways, I don't really have any good suggestions for you, but I definitely sympathize.  I hope you get your body back in check soon! Smiley Happy

Re: stress!

It would be important and helpful if you would sit outside in the sun with SPF on for 15 minutes each day while walking - simple yoga will help tremendously - your reaction is telling you to rest - your hair will not stop falling out until you get the stress under control - can you find some additional time just for you for awhile? If you do not address this, your body will do it for you by knocking you on your but and putting you in bed Smiley Sad

Re: stress!

ugh spoildebrat but what about the magic pill!?!? You are so right going to go get a gym membership tomorrow I just moved and am afraid to be out running by myself in my new neighborhood (cars are too fast and it being new a bit sketchy) who would have thunk it? exercise, rest, eating right, and sleep. How novel! 

Re: stress!

Funny you should mention that magic pill; i say the secret to a happy life is work that you love, a naughty/nice hot partner, and a doc that will prescribe any little helper one might need Smiley Wink

Re: stress!

I know that it is often not the easiest thing to deal with, however there are various ways to help cope.

This is just a few:


Find the origin of the stress-then try to pin point what you can control and constructively use it to help get through.


Perseveration about the stressor can be the enemy. Take a pro-active approach. Try and switch to positive-there are always positives in life, even when it does not feel so, there are! Think about the things you love, make you feel good, etc. 


Exercise (dance, yoga, walking, etc), a bath, breathing technics, music, pets, try to get plenty of sleep (I know, sometimes very hard during these moments), talk things through with someone who will be non judgmental about what is going on (often stress can seem paralyzing to the one experiencing it).


Manage your time-make time for/ take care of yourself.


We are human, we all have some sort of stress at one time or another.


Learn what works to help cope with different stressors and be armed to use them for those just in case moments. Your mind and body will thank you!


-take some me time, drink plenty of fluids, eat healthy, and get some sleep (super important). Do things you love. Maybe a facial or bath to aid in relaxing or a nice walk. Coconut hair oiling could be relaxing too!

There are no miracle cures for stress, but taking care of yourself can help with the outcome.


Take care and good vibes your way Heart

Re: stress!

Just wanted to share, I started a new job awhile ago and the first 6 months or so were very stressful.  I was having panic attacks and migraines, which I have never had before. 


The best thing I did for myself was to start getting massages, for relaxation and stress relief.  I get a hour massage about every 2 weeks and I just love it.  I was skeptical at first, I had never had a massage before and didn't know what to expect, I'm also kind of a type A personality and don't know if I really know how to relax. 


Massage has helped me a lot, I have not had a single panic attack or migraine since I started and sometimes I get so relaxed while getting a massage that I fall asleep!  Just something you might want to think about, I hope you feel better soon.

Re: stress!

My hair was falling out like crazy last year (I had been sick for a long time and it was so stressful because more and more random symptoms kept happening and my doctors didn't know why, but now that I am gluten free I'm better). My derm told me that when we are stressed to the point of our hair falling out, it was from the stress that happened 1-2 months ago. So hopefully now that things are calming down for you, your physical symptoms will run their course and go away soon.


As for a little help bouncing back as quickly as possible, I would suggest a really high quality multi-vitamin (if it's fine with your doctor), eating extremely clean, yoga/massage, and maybe a thinning hair treatment. I use and like Andalou Naturals Age Defying Scalp Intensive Thinning Hair Treatment. Sephora sells something similar by Phyto.  

Re: stress!


Re: stress!

@Glossyguru: Actually high doses of Vitamin C are not good for you. And the amount that's in those water tabs (like Emergen-C) is way too much to take unless you are sick. 

Too much Vitamin C can cause Kidney Stones, so please be careful with the dose you are taking! Recommended daily dose is 65 to 90 mg a day. 

Re: stress!

Interesting!  I never knew that.  When I was fresh out of college I got pneumonia and became paranoid about health.  I drank one a day of those emergen-c things for like a year.

Re: stress!

Meg82,I drink emergen-c whenever I feel like I'm on the verge of a cold & sometimes I feel like it helps ward it off!

Re: stress!

I hate stress Smiley Sad I seem to always operate on a level of high stress even when I don't want to be! It's seriously annoying and then when you realize you're stressed, you tend to get more stressed xD


I take Biotin (I got it at Target) for my hair loss issues. It helps with hair growth and I take a pill a day. I also take Vit C gummies (because they're fun xD) but that's more because it's cold now and I need to ward off any cold since I tend to be more susceptible during stressed out times. 


Other than that, I would say to take it easy, pamper yourself if you can! Take a nice warm bath, throw in a LUSH bar if you can/want to and just relax. Read a nice book or watch a good movie that's a favorite (I love to get a cup of tea and lie on the couch to watch You've Got Mail! <3). Also, if you don't do them regularly, a face mask once per week as a pampering session really helps!


Everyone's body will react differently so yours might bounce back sooner rather than later. Good luck! 

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