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skin changing from super-dry to oily!! weird!

Has anyone had a similar experience with skin changing?  I've had extremely dry skin my entire life and am accustomed to glopping on thick moisturizers (at one point I was using only Aquaphor which is just like Vaseline!).  But then recently in the last couple of months I've noticed .... my forehead is getting shiny!  Weird, what is that, I thought at first.  Then I finally's OIL!  My forehead is actually OILY!


Has this happened to you?  What do you do about primers and foundations?  All my stuff is formulated for dry skin and won't work with my new, oily forehead.  Should I get one for oily and one for dry and use them both?  Doesn't that make color matching difficult?


edit to add: forgot to mention the rest of my skin is still pretty dry....only the forehead has experienced this miraculous change

Re: skin changing from super-dry to oily!! weird!

Yes! Skin can change all the time -- it can be due to hormones, your age, products you're using, environmental factors, etc. My skin used to be dry to very dry, but now it's a combination, and I get shine across my T-zone (even though my chin and jaw is pretty dry).


Are you using any new kind of hair product?


I think it's really up to you re: whether you want to switch your foundation routine. Since it's only one area, I would almost compensate by just using a blotting powder or mattifying translucent powder -- if you like your current routine, that is. If you're looking for a reason to change, you could try something new, but I wouldn't go for anything overly mattifying or one that will dry out the rest of your face. Foundation can be so trial and error sometimes...but if it were me, I would not change everything since it sounds as if it is only your forehead. Good luck in whatever you decide! Smiley Happy


Re: skin changing from super-dry to oily!! weird!

Have you tried a mattifying primer just on your forehead?

I feel your pain! I have been dealing with the opposite problem.  My skin, which has been oily and acne-prone all my life, has just started to develop legit dry patches over the last few years. I've yet to find a primer that agrees with my entire face.

Re: skin changing from super-dry to oily!! weird!

Isn't that so weird?  After years and years of perfecting a skin regimen, it suddenly goes and changes on you!  My forehead seems to have decided what it wants though, I was afraid it was going to keep getting oiler and oiler, but it seems to have settled on "slightly oily" for now.  Whew.


I have to say though, one good thing about dry skin is you tend to get less acne that way.  On my driest days I was able to slather on all the goopy moisturizers I wanted without worrying about breakouts.

Re: skin changing from super-dry to oily!! weird!

I have found that my forehead has been greasier in the last couple of years.  I have combination skin and am a huge believer of using different products for different sections of my face: gel type moisturizers and clay masks on my foreheard and nose, and super thick creams like La Mer on my dry and uber sensitive cheeks, etc.  In summary, I use different moisturizers and masks on my oilier parts than on my dry, flaky parts.  I switch up the thickness of the moisturizers as my skin changes with the seasons.  My skin reacts to the weather as well; seasonal changes give ms eczema Smiley Sad  Then I treat my eczema patches with Vanicream.


As for makeup, I generally like to mix a little of my serum (Origins Mega Mushroom Skin Relief or Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair) in with my liquid foundation/BB cream/tinted moisturizer but only for the dry spots which can have dry, scaly patches.  I've found that while the serum thins out the coverage, it goes on smoother.  I do favor BB creams more than liquid foundation and tinted moisturizers for regular day-to-day wear.


I set the liquid foundation/BB cream/tinted moisturizer on my oily sections with some sort of powder.  I dab it on with a brush or with a puff.  Whether it's a finishing/setting powder or a mineral powder is all dependent on how I feel, in other words, how my skin feels that day.  Also I have found that oil blotting sheets and a little of Mac's Mineralize Skinfinish Natural goes a long way around mid-day for the oily sections.


Be aware of your skin's condition and what it needs is the best advice I can give you.  Good luck!

Re: skin changing from super-dry to oily!! weird!

I have combination skin, and it changes *almost* as often as my temper. It's oily in the summer, dry/flaky/irritated in the winter (stuff for oily skin clog my pores, go figure, yay dehydrated combo/oily skin?). Aaaanyways, the rule of thumb is to use liquid/cream make up for dry skin and powder for oily skin. What you can do is apply moisturizer sparingly to your forehead (try half the normal amount, apply while skin is damp/almost dry to help spread the moisturizer), then dust some sheer/transluscent finishing powder (most of them are mattifying) to just the forehead. I get oily nose and flaky cheeks, so what I do is applying liquid/cream make up sparingly over the face, concentrating on the cheeks, then a dust of powder on the forehead/nose.

Re: skin changing from super-dry to oily!! weird!

Since your forehead is the only affected area at this point I would start with a primer and see if that helps. I like Givenchy Mister Mat or Sephora Collection oil control primer. You can also try a spray of Urban Decay's De-Slick to set your makeup and help out your new forehead. Smiley Happy

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