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skin care regimen!

I'm 14 and i really want to find a skin care regimen that will give me gorgeous skin. I have dry skin, i occasionally get blemishes (one a week tops- never more than 3 at a time). i have some bumps on my cheeks (skincolored) and i would LOVE to get rid of them! Some blackheads and occasionally visable pores depending on the weather.


I am looking for a a systerm with a cleanser, toner and moisturizer. I also want to buy a night cream and an eye cream!


I'm thinking about the Philosophy Skincare Products- i've heard amazing things!

 or possible the Clinique 3 Step System for Very Dry to Dry Skin.


If you have any other reccomendations that are not too pricey, it would be amazing!

Your responses mean the world! Everyone wants clear skin, please help me!


Thank you so much in advance!


Have a beautiful night Smiley Happy


Philosophy and Clinique are great companies.  If you are...

Philosophy and Clinique are great companies.  If you are not having major issues, a cleanser from Philosophy might be enough for you.  I don't think you need the eye cream.....yet. Smiley Wink  As far as the Clinique product, I have used their products since the company came out way back when, and my daughter is currently using the 3 step program with tremendous success.  The cleanser and toner might be really good for what you need.  Good luck!

At that age, try the drugstore brand regimens such as Neu...

At that age, try the drugstore brand regimens such as Neutrogena.  But if you tend to find sensitivty and breakouts with those, then I would look into the next price point of brands. 


As for Clinique:  test it first. This one has mixed results.  Being super dry myself, chances are it might work for you or not be moisturizing enough. 


Ulta has a Benefit sample kit for 24 that might be worth looking into.  I am a bit hesitant to recommend anything else because any kit over 35 is probably going to break the bank trying to buy the individual items themselves. 


Philosophy skincare seems a little much for a 14 year old.  Plus you might encounter breaking out really badly.  Honestly, I don't find their formulations worth it. 

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