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self tanner

hey guys, i need some advice 

being a sicilian girl, I've never had the need for self tanner, however i am getting married this dec. and want my summertime color. 

in your experience, what looks the most natural as well as has amazing staying power, I have a very corseted dress and i don't want it to rub off on the boning on the inside of my dress.  


thanks in advance 




Re: self tanner

I get versa spa every few weeks but something like your wedding  is super important and I wouldn't want to risk anything going bad! (congrats btw!) Since you're new to the self tanning world, I would just go get it professionally airbrushed. If you want it by a machine which is cheaper, I'd recommend Versa Spa. If you are set on doing it yourself, St. Tropez is AMAZING! But get the glove or you're going to have a muddy hand issue.  Another tip, get it a few days before so the smell can dissipate, it won't rub off on your dress, and on the offchance you have some splotchy or messed up parts, you have time to get it fixed. Hope this helped! 

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