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ole henriksen and white heads?

Hey everyone I recently purchased the three little wonders kit from ole to help with my mild acne and major scarring around my chin/jaw/mouth. However one or more of the products is causing white heads. I started with just the sheer transformation and african tea cleanser (that was free) and noticed a couple pimples nothing major, i did that for a week. that was starting to really dry out my skin which is combo/mostly oily. so then i added in the night gel and truth serum and im getting more breakouts but mostly whiteheads that only last a day or two. 

I think its the sheer transformation but im not sure. any ideas on what to? tips are greatly appreciated!! thanks!

Re: ole henriksen and white heads?

I've come to realize the same thing. The products feel nice on my skin, but the results are not worth it!

Re: ole henriksen and white heads?

It was the sheer transformation for me too.

Re: ole henriksen and white heads?

Yeah, the Truth Serum can cause breakouts- for me, it gives me some blackheads, but I don't want to give up on the awesome anti-aging effects of Vitamin C, so I am finishing my bottle of Ole and then trying Murad's Vitamin C  serum to see if it's any better in terms of breakouts.

Re: ole henriksen and white heads?

If you've been having the breakouts less than a week, it might be a purging period. If it lasted longer than a week or you don't think it's purging, then....product break down:


1.Sheer Transformation: I used a whole jar of it with no problem. I have combination skin and use it in the fall/winter, if you are using it in the summer you are probably breaking out cuz it's too rich. Also, do you get breakouts from dimethicone? I'm fine with it but some people avoid it at all costs because it clogs their pores and cause break outs. If it's not too rich and you don't have a history of breakout from dimethicone, it might be the African cleanser instead since you started both at the same time.

2. African tea cleanser: I read a number of reviews on Sephora where people say it makes them break out, so I didn't try it. It might have to do with one of the natural ingredients. Also, I discovered that cleansers will make the skin dry/break out if you don't use it properly (rub it in for 30sec or so, then rinse thoroughly until you are sure all traces are gone. Don't just wipe on, wipe off, the residue will dry/break out your skin and you will wonder why the cleanser doesn't work.)

3. Night gel: this is meant to encourage cell renewal with acid and stuff. It can tingle a bit and stings/burns when my skin is raw, so it can be drying/irritating for some people (but shouldn't give you whiteheads...).

4. Truth serum: I love how well this absorbs and never have a problem with it irritating or breaking me out. However, I think one of the poster from a different thread mention she get breakouts from anything with vitamin C. So if you are the same, this is probably the culprit.


That's all the possible causes I can think of. And this is why the general rule of thumb is to introduce new product one at a time, for a week at least before adding/changing anything else. Good luck!

Re: ole henriksen and white heads?

i forgot to add i only use the cleanser in the am and my usual cleanser at night. so i dont think its that

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