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need help with lactic acid dupe

would The Ordinary Lactic Acid 5% be a nice dupe for Sunday Riley Good Genes?

Re: need help with lactic acid dupe

n i p and fab has a good dupe as well but the % of acid is not has high as good genes. But I think you'll find that's the same with the Ordinary. 

RE: need help with lactic acid dupe

I love The Ordinary and actually get less irritation with it than I do Sunday Riley

Re: need help with lactic acid dupe

2 good alternatives worth a look at are BellEvolve Lac-Luronic Serum and  Bravura London 10% Lactic Acid

if $$$ are an issue try Silk Naturals 8% AHA Toner

Re: need help with lactic acid dupe

no, definitely not. I've been on the hunt for good genes dupes, and I cannot find any.


sunday riley incorporates a proprietary antioxidant blend into their products, and I truly believe it's part of the magic. not to mention that good genes is around 50% lactic acid by volume, which they are only able to pull off by also adding in other ingredients that reduce sensitivity. good genes is a magical formula, and I don't believe it can be duped. HOWEVER -- I think you can achieve similar results to it by using a lactic acid toner, a hydrating serum, and an antioxidant serum. IMO, you would need three inexpensive products to come close to good genes (although arguably you would still save a lot of money - I think you wouldn't quite get the magic that is good genes, sadly)


FWIW, good genes is the single product I would recommend from the sunday riley line. I think that if you adore this product, I would buy it -- and utilize inexpensive brands such as the ordinary for everything else. it's that good of a product.

Re: need help with lactic acid dupe

@autumnash I own both and I can say they are definitely not dupes. Good Genes is far more effective and I notice a difference in my skin the day after using it. It evens out my skin tone and texture and is my go-to when I want my skin to look good for an event, or just to give my skin a weekly boost. It's subtle, but my skin looks healthier after using it.  It contains licorice and aloe, both of which help sooth the skin when exfoliating, in addition to several extracts that may have skin benefits.  Compared to The Ordinary, which just contains lactic acid and hyaluronic acid. The Ordinary's lactic acid does exfoliate, but I don't notice any other benefits when using it. My skin tone doesn't necessarily look smoother or brighter as it does when I use Good Genes.  Also while The Ordinary's Lactic Acid has hyaluronic acid, I don't feel that it does much to help moisturize or nourish my skin in any way.


Good Genes is the clear winner between the two for me.  However if you need a budget lactic acid product, The Ordinary isn't a bad product, it's just very basic. I didn't see the results I was hoping for, so I wouldn't repurchase it.  They have a few other good products though - I do like their buffet serum and squalane oil.

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