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need a new skincare routine!

i have never done this before. im looking for a new skincare routine ive literally tried everything used everything in ole henrikson ive tried tatcha currently using dermalogica. my skin has been seriously breaking since lockdown. im pretty sure its from the mask when i wear it at work all day. but im looking for a routine that will clear it up. i have acne prone skin and i have scarring. also what helps get rid of bacne?!!!! its seriously so annoying

Re: need a new skincare routine!

Tower 28 SOS Daily Rescue Spray totally clears up maskne based on my daughter’s results. Clean products with strong reviews from others as well. Also check out Tulsa’s acne line. Probiotic based and Doctor developed. I  have used a ton of their stuff not for acne and it’s all been really good. Also think about what goes on inside. Consider a supplement from Hum Daily Cleanse or Skin Squad. When I added probiotics to my routine my skin loved it. 

Re: need a new skincare routine!

Hey, id suggest using a benzoyl peroxide face wash for both your face and back. Only use on face in AM and great to follow up with a gel moisturizer, one of them specifically infused with salicylic acid to help with the mask wearing, and always spf. At night use a gentle cleanser, some type of aha or BHA (I use a retin a), and moisturizer. Try to keep it simple.. it gets scary and complicated when layering multiple active ingredients. I just suggest never using salicylic acid at the same time as a retin a or retin a with benzoyl peroxide. Follow Dr. Dray on YouTube who is very informative on products and layering! 

Re: need a new skincare routine!

@ardi1 What's your skin type? Are you wanting to switch out your current cleanser and moisturizer or just add something to help combat acne?

Re: need a new skincare routine!

@quspork my skin is combination oily skin and i break out pretty often but i can handle the strong stuff i used to do laser chemical peels and stuff like that weekly and ive done multiple fractionals so my skin isnt sensitive i can handle the retinol

Re: need a new skincare routine!

Re: need a new skincare routine!

@quspork i want to subsitute my cleanser and moisturizer i want a toner too and to add retinol at night time so any suggestions:)

Re: need a new skincare routine!

@ardi1 For a toner to help skin your skin hydrated and balance out some of that oiliness, I really like Kieh's Ultra Facial toner, it's milky but also very soothing. FAB has a similar milky toner too that looks pretty promising, but I haven't tried it. If you're newer to retinol, the Inkey List makes a really nice one that includes squalane so I've never experienced any irritation when using it. If you're a little more daring or experienced in retinol, definitely try Drunk Elephant A-Passioni. Get the small one to try it out. It might be a bit drying when you first start out but if you use good hydrating products you'll be okay and will see good results. To help hydrate when using retinol, I also use Inkey or The Ordinary Niacinamide, which has many great benefits, but also helps with balancing your skin and acne. I just started using the Inkey brand of Niacinamide and find it more nourishing than The Ordinary one, but both are good products. Finally, I've noticed a good exfoliator has helped a bit with acne. I personally enjoy Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme as a weekly routine. Kate Somerville's is really good too. The Ordinary if you're looking for something more budget friendly. For cleanser, I haven't decided on a favorite for acne purposes. I don't feel like it's the step that's helped my acne the most. In my opinion, what's helped with acne the most is keeping my skin balanced, less oily, and moisturized. I haven't been using anything special for moisturizer, I switch around, so I don't feel like the brand has mattered for my skin. If you want to treat acne, Inkey List makes a BHA that I've saved in my Love list, but haven't purchased it yet. Reviews seem good, but I haven't had major issues to need this right now. Good luck! Hope that helps!

Re: need a new skincare routine!

If you're looking to add in a retinol, @ardi1 I'd keep the rest of your overall routine fairly simple to lessen the chance for irritation. A gel or cream cleanser, a hydrating toner, a moisturizer, and sunscreen for the a.m. If you give us your skin type, we can give more specific suggestions. 

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