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mineral/powder SPF

Can anyone tell me if mineral/powder SPFs like PTR's Instant Mineral Powder or Bareminerals sunscreen really work? If so which one(s) do you like better? Do they have any colour to them?

Re: mineral/powder SPF

Thanks, I'll definitely try PTR.

Re: mineral/powder SPF

I'm obsessed with the PTR powder sunscreen (the blue tube) & carry it around with me everywhere I go during the summer. It's light & doesn't mess with my makeup. I've heard mixed reviews on the BM brush. 

Re: mineral/powder SPF

The BM one tends to get clogged, I think because it's such a large/bulky design and the dispensing portion gets too filled with powder. 


The PTR one is definitely more friendly on space/travel!

Re: mineral/powder SPF

Mineral based sunscreens are going to be your best bet overall unless you have an allergy to them to where you need to rely on chemical based. Mineral sunscreens don't break down as quickily as chemical based ones, but factors like weather/external conditions along with wear-time will also play into how well either category/formula lasts.


Cosmetic based products that contain sunscreen are beneficial, but often times consumers don't wear enough of the product to actually receive or utilize the full SPF grade of the product. In terms of facial SPF coverage, you need at least 1/3 to 1/2 teaspoon of SPF or SPF lotion to get the labled SPF level on the product, it's not common to have someone slather on that amount of primer, foundation, or powder as that would be too much product and end up being too thick.


Finishing SPF powders like the PTR or BM ones are beneficial to touch up and reapply sunscreen throughout the day without disrupting make up, but you can also look into sunscreen sprays. Out of PTR and BM, I would opt for PTR just because the line is more rooted in skin care.

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