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melasma dark spots

I have dark melasma on my face that get much worse in the summer. I've tried prescription product Obaji with some help but it's still very noticeable, especially in the summer. Is laser the best treatment or is there a product that's best?

RE: melasma dark spots

I find glycolic and lactic acid products always fade it the most for me. The PTR dark spot corrector has also made a noticeable difference.

Re: melasma dark spots

I all the sudden started getting Melasma and hyperpigmentation last summer ( im 38!) and have never had it before. I was able to completely clear my skin and even my tone by doing AHA peels and one 18% TCA peel, using an OTC fade cream, a 20% vitamin c serum in the AM, Retin A at night time once or twice weekly ( im not currently using the Retin A due to it being summer time), and religiously applying sunscreen. I am constantly trying new skincare products but my staples are: OTC Cetaphil or Cerave, Erno Lazlos White Marble soap and his Black Sea soap, or Purity by Philosophy as a cleanser, Josie Marans Argan Oil, 20% Vit C, Matrixyl, and Coq10 serums by Timeless, and a spf 30 to 50 everyday. I switch up my moisturizer, eye creams, spf brands, and other "jams and jellies" kinda often because Im always on the lookout for the next thing I'll love. I use a Clarsonic some days as well. Im new to the forums, but if i can figure out how to upload my before and afters I will if it will help you or anyone else. Smiley Happy 

Re: melasma dark spots

Try looking at the Perricone blue plasma peel, it's very gentle and will be a good product to help lighten your melasma on your face. Hope this helps!

Re: melasma dark spots

I too have the same as you BUT they come and go and will continue for several reasons, I have used many remedies including with Salex 6% salicylic acid which is micro crushed asprin in a cream...for removal.


Living in the desert this really works for me, poured by drops into cupped palm then rub both palms together smear on face and neck front and sides;

Josie Maran 100% pure argan oil

Clinique repairwear laser focus

Clinique Even Better Clinical dark spot corrector

Clinique even better skin tone correcting lotion with sunscreen broad spectrum SPF20


Sometimes I dab the Clinique even better clinical dark spot corrector on each brown spot when I get really fed up with it all, to speed things up.


My concealor is Benefit Boing mixed with Bobbie Brown creamy concealor- then blend well and use Bobbie Browns finish pressed powder...I admit it is hard to have these on my face also, hang in there- research all that is available for removal- keep educating yourself, as more of us age it is a hot topic in More magazine and the other fashion mags...


Re: melasma dark spots

Melasma is very frustrating. I have been dealing with it for many years. Through self-education, testing products and asking a lot of questions, I am now finally getting results. I'm actually in the process of writing an article for an online publication about melasma. So don't give up hope! It's possible to rid of melasma!


Here's what worked for me, and hopefully it helps you.


To start find a good aesthetician that uses natural products and methods. My bimonthly facials included a manual microderm (no machine, they weaken collagen and elastin) and AHA peel (lactic/glycolic acid) to help lighten in the deeper layers of the skin. It took a few months but I experienced visible results! Now I go once a month to keep lightening the remaining spots.


Years ago I used Caudalie Vinoperfect serum for a year plus and it helped elminate the dark spots on my forehead but very very slowly (and I think they were hyperprigmentation NOT melasma). Now I use Kiehl's Clealry Corrective Dark Spot Solution, which has made the biggest difference of any single product I used. The other product is Ole Henriksen's Truth serum. Together I feel they are eliminating the melasma on my cheeks, jawlien and upper lip. I used to wear heavy theater-style foundation (with darker areas still showing), now I walk outside without makeup (but always SPF) and feel OK.


To get maximum results, exfoliate 2x/week with a good scrub. I alternate between The Body Shop Vitamin C microdermabrasion and Kiehl's Clealry Corrective Skin Brightenng Exfoliator using a Clarisonic brush to get rid of all the dead skin so the products penetrate deeper into the skin.


NEVER leave your house without sunscreen, EVER! In fact even when I'm indoors, I wear it. My favorite (after testing several brands) is Josie Maran's Argan Oil Daily Moisturizer broad spectrum SPF 40 lotion. It's non-greasy texture protects my skin without the heavy "white" film while the light fruity scent is refreshing.


It took awhile to get to this point (I'm still working on the last signs of very faded dark spots along the sides) but I believe patience and perserverance made it possible. Also I cleaned up my diet and turned to alternative medicine  to balance my hormones and cleanse my liver (that's when I noticed big changes in my melasma). Incidentally, melasma is very differnet from hyperpgimentation. Melasma is caused my hormone imbalances. Ask a holistic doctor about testing your hormones and liver. Helping heal from the inside will make a big difference on the outside! Good luck.

Re: melasma dark spots

This was great advice since i also have hyperpigmentation on my cheeks. I am not sure if this is melasma or not - I should probable go check it out.  


I am very interested to know how you cleaned up your diet as well.  What food are you avoiding?  What food are you eating? 


I have been using Kiehls and the truth serum and it is better but not completely cleared.  For the first time in years I can sometimes go out with no makeup on.  


I always put SPF on ( I use the Peter Thomas Roth one).  


Thanks for the advice

I have the same issue, during the summer I get light spot...

I have the same issue, during the summer I get light spots on my eye lids and worst of all, spots on my upper lip that my little sisters like to call my "Freckle Mustache". Cute, but I'm definitely not amused. The only thing I've found to work is vigilant sun protection. Tons of sunscreen, uv blocking sunglasses and of course, a hat. You can try using Smashbox BB cream, or Miracle Skin Transformer, both are available as deluxe samples with a $25 dollar purchase and promo codes. I've just started using Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum but haven't used it long enough to see noticeable results. I hope you find a product that works for you.

Good Luck,


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