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mario badesceau drying lotion.

two questions. (not a sephora product just looking to advice) should i go with the glass or plastic bottle is there a difference? also, does it work? somebody help me out here.

Re: mario badesceau drying lotion.

If you are worried about the environment get glass 🌿🌎🌲 if you are worried about traveling with it or portability get plastic 😊

I was looking into that product too, and would be interested in your opinion about it if you can remember to check back in.

Re: mario badesceau drying lotion.

@toofaced2  I have purchased both glass and plastic. I prefer plastic since I tend to drop things. The lotion didn’t work for me at all but worked great on my bf. It’s worth a try IMO. 

Re: mario badesceau drying lotion.


They're the same thing...the only difference is the bottle, so pick whichever one suits your fancy. 

Drying lotions are a helpful tool for many folks. 

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