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korres vs. ole henricksen

i have normal to dry skin and my main concern is fixing dark spots like old ance spots, and a few little scars... nothing extreme. im looking for a daily moisturizer to use that will help with my dark spots/scars and that helps with fine lines and wrinkles, i have a few fine lines on my forehead. Im 22 so i dont need something extremely heavy. I do get semi sensitive to breakouts, but i got a sample of the korress wild rose brightening cream and i like it, but i was also looking at the ole henricksen truth cream vitamin c moisturizer.. which one do you think is better for me?

Re: korres vs. ole henricksen

It sounds like you might not be able to find an all in one fix.  I've used the OH truth cream and found it to be too heavy.  iv'e never tried the korres cream you're looking at.  To be honest, the best skin care decision I made was the 3 little wonders kit .  It's actually helped a lot with fine lines and acne scars for me. 

Re: korres vs. ole henricksen

To be honest, I'm not sure if you really want to go the route of a moisturizer to treat the issues at hand. Though both brands do make excellent moisturizers, a moisturizer isn't going to be the most effective product in a line to address dark spots/post acne marks and even fine lines or wrinkles.


You might look for a serum or actual treatment product you use before your moisturizer to address those specific areas because a moisturizer's main focus and job will be to moisturize and hydrate, and though that can help soften the appearance of lines due to it adding hydration back to skin, it won't necessarily be the best in terms of brightening those dark spots.


The Ole moisturizer is a bit richer than the Korres one, but in keeping with a suggestion of trying a treatment product like a serum, Ole's Truth Serum is hands down a favorite of mine. The vitamin C combats dark spots and protects skin from oxidation damage without causing skin to become sensitized. It's great to brighten dark spots gently but effectively (I use it on a couple of post acne marks). It also contains sodium hyaluronate, which bines healthy moisture to skin to help boost hydration and even plump up fine lines and wrinkles (perfect for foreheads and even smile lines around the mouth). There's a mini kit from Ole with a small moisturizer and serum for about $23 you can give a try!

Re: korres vs. ole henricksen

Second that OH truth might be too much, but if you do want to try Oh, I recommend their truth serum paired with Sheer transformation, tho I think sheer transformation is more on the britening and not antiaging side. For both issues, yeah Korres Wild Rose

Re: korres vs. ole henricksen

Hi KKnicole The Ole Henriksen may be a little too hydrating.  If the Wild Rose Moisturizer is giving you enough I would recommend sticking with it.  While it will help with hyperpigmentation, the serum will give you results much quicker.

Wild Rose swfupload_4435779643564753899.jpg and Eye Serum


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