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how to reduce defined line under the eye and dark circles (I'm in my mid 20s )

Hi, I'm looking for products that will help me reduce the appearance of defined lines under my eye and dark circles. 

Re: how to reduce defined line under the eye and dark circles (I'm in my mid 20s )

Hello Lovely,


For both under eye lines and dark circles remember the skin around ones eyes is delicate and much thinner then on the rest of our face.

Thus, not rubbing ones eyes, like when they are itchy during allergies, and being gentle when applying any products is important. When washing my face I make sure to use a gentle, counter clockwise, circular motion going around my eye area with my ring and middle finger. This also aides with lymphatic drainage which can lessen puffiness.

Using SPF around the eyes also protects not only the delicate skin around the eyes from breaking down (wrinkles) but also protects the capillaries underneath the skin and the surface of the skin from forming pigmentation. Some formulas do not sting the eyes. I like Skincuticals. Some formulas are made for the eye area like Murad Essential-C Eye Cream SPF 15 PA++ 0.5 oz 

which Has the added benefit of Vitamin C which may brighten the eye area and lessen under eye darkness due to pigmentation.


Talking about under eye circles, know there are different types of under eye circles; those due to broken capillaries underneath the skin which are now showing through and those due to pigmentation (sun damage). Knowing which one you have, even if it’s a combination of the two, would dictate how you treat them.

Though dated this is a good video from Lisa Eldridge which is a clear explanation and still relevant

This is another great video from Dermatologist Dr Shrereene which explains  how to figure out which type of dark circles you have, and it’s very informative and quite recent


I love retinoids and am now on Tretinoin. It took me several years but I can now bring .05 Tret up under my eyes. This was a long road and I had several mishaps which resulted in pain. But I did use Paula’s Choice Ceramide Enriching Firming Eye Cream to buffer my Retin-A under my eyes and it worked great! Know I only used it at night.


I’ve also used The Inky List Caffeine Eye Cream and found it effective.


Im planning to try First Aid Beauty Niacinamide Eye Cream as niacinamide has really worked well on the sunspots on the rest of my face. In addition, this cream is tinted.


At the end of the day, slowly working actives like Vitamin C, Tretinoin, azelic acid, Kojic acid which I use on the rest of my face up to the eye area has made a difference. But my issue has been more sun damage.
And remember your eye area is delicate and sensitive easily prone to irritation. I went too far a couple time, Ouch!


Remember Sunscreen! I love Supergoop! They even have an SPF eyeshadow!


I hope this helps






Re: how to reduce defined line under the eye and dark circles (I'm in my mid 20s )

Hey babe, 

i’m also in my mid twenties and i have been working on fine lines as well. I have a few recs in mind for you. First of all, if you have a day where you are going out and want a quick short term reduction agent I highly recommend doing an ice facial. All you need is a piece if ice and you rub it on your face until the ice melts. It closes your pores and smooths fine lines! (Its kinda crazy). If you are looking for long term stuff you should start using retinal and moisturizer. I recently started using the Peace Out Retinol Eye Stick which is good. Although i found its kinda harsh on the eye bags so i moisturize first and then use it on top! As for dark eye circles i havent tried it yet but a lot of people use Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Face and Eye Duo or under eye masks. And finally dont forget to use sunscreen!

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