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how to decongest clogged pores?

I have severely clogged pores on my cheeks/chin area, not blackheads or whitehead.. just clogged pores. I'm frustrated and embarassed and have no idea how to get rid of them. I've been using strictly origins products for a few months, i love the products but they arent taking care of the pore issue. Any suggestions? thanks for reading.


I've tried:

various drugstore products

bizarre home remedies involving eggs, honey, witch hazel and aspirin

philosophy's hope in a bottle for congested skin

philosophy when hope is not enough serum


origins checks and balances

origins charcoal mask

origins modern friction

origins a perfect world moisturizer/toner

caudalie scrub

burt's bees cleansers/scrubs


I had the same issue until I started using the Boscia Bla...

I had the same issue until I started using the Boscia Black Mask as well as Ole Henriksen Walnut scrub. These products really help clear those areas around the nose, forehead and chin.  

Re: I had the same issue until I started using the Boscia Bla...

I second the boscia mask! I used to have lots of clogged pores on my chin and I would put the mask on after a hot shower (and some light exfoliation) and it's gotten much better.

When your skin is broken out or congested, it's even more...

When your skin is broken out or congested, it's even more sensitive than it normally is, so you need to treat it carefully so it doesn't worsen. That means no harsh exfoliation and no harsh ingredients. It's better to use gentler ingredients for a longer period of time, like salicylic acid or glycolic acid. I like it better when I use something a product with glycolic acid to exfoliate the skin, rather than something with little scrubbing beads or whatever, because it's gentler on your broken-out skin. That means when I'm broken out, I do NOT scrub my skin.


Brands like Clinique, DDF, and Kate Somerville all carry great "step-by-step" types of sets, that include cleanser, toner, moisturizer, etc. Try to find one that has good, gentle ingredients and stick with it.


It might also be a good idea to get a facial, where a professional can steam your face to open your pores, then do extractions of clogged pores. Then after the facial, you can just take really good care of your skin. That's just another idea!

Hi! I was actually searching through to find an answer to...

Hi! I was actually searching through to find an answer to a different question, but then stumbled across your question so wanted to share THE ONLY thing I have found that works for those congested pores on the cheeks that aren't black-or white-heads, and that won't unclog no matter what sometimes for even years:  Prescription Retin-A cream.  If your clogged cheek pores are like mine they are something very different from regular nose/chin blackheads or whiteheads.  They don't squeeze or really respond to any kind of treatment, and can last for years, so I didn't even realize they were clogged pores.  But one day I asked my dermatologist about it thinking they were some kind of skin tag or something and  he explained to me what they actually are:  They are clogged pores that are actually hardened inside--which is why they can't be squeezed or anything usually.  And even if you can squeeze them slightly they just come right back the same again.

My doctor told me to put the Retin-A cream on it each night and that this would actually break down the hardened cells that were clogging the pore and trapping the hardened oil inside.  (I'm not a doctor, so I don't know if my explanations are totally accurate, but this is my best recollection of how he explained it to me.)  Anyway, I usually focused my Retin-A cream on my T-zone acne/blackheads, so hadn't really been putting it on the cheek "bumps".  The doc warned me that it would not be an overnite process, but that those cheek bumps were EXACTLY the type of thing the Retin-A was made to address (along with some other things).  He was right, and in a couple of months my main cheek bumps that had been there for years began to go away.

The Retin-A I'm using is not available over-the-counter; it requires a doctors prescription and is quite expensive.  However, one tube lasts me up to 3 years!  There are various strengths of the Retin-A, but mine is Retin-A Micro 0.1 %.

Good luck to you!  Teresa

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