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help finding cleanser !

Hey everyone:) I need help finding a good cleanser for my face! I’ve tried a couple but nothing has seemed to work for me. I get lots of acne mostly on my chin and cheeks. My skin is very textured and has large pores, anyone know of something that may help?

Re: help finding cleanser !

I would also recommend double cleansing! Find gentle cleansers that aren’t too stripping - the breakouts could come from a damaged skin barrier. I would then recommend serums after the cleanser. Cleansers wash off, their effects will be temporary and really work to cleanse (obvi) rather than treat. I would recommend BHA for acne, AHA for texture, and a light moisturizer to finish it off. Also, start slow if you haven’t used actives before!

Re: help finding cleanser !

Agree with everyone that you should target your cleanser to your specific skin or issues. 

The Creme Shop makes really nice, effective, and cruelty free face washes/masks!

Re: help finding cleanser !

First of all, what’s causing this could be hormones, products your currently using and or hygiene. Pillow cases need to be changed 2x a week as dead skin cells accumulate. 

Your skins barrier may be compromised and the best thing to do as my Dermo once told me. Less is more. Start gentle.


1/2: Cleansing oil: Tatcha Pure One Step Camellia Oil Cleanser 5.1 oz/ 150 mL  OR The INKEY List Oat Cleansing Balm 5 oz/ 150 mL 

2/2: Face wash:  Neutrogena creamy cleanser OR Tatcha The Rice Wash Skin-Softening Cleanser 4.0 oz/ 120 mL 


2: Treatment: benzoyl peroxide spot treatment or salicylic acid spot treatment (ONLY PM ROUTINE)**


3: Treatment (great for all skin types) Glow Recipe Plum Plump™ Hyaluronic Acid Serum 1.0 oz/ 30 mL  **Don’t bother with other ones, this ones uses 3 different molecules and is CLEAN & CRUELTY FREE** (MUST USE WHEN FACE IS DAMP) I use this before with fresh Rose Floral Toner 


3: Moisturizer (to lock in all the hydration):

Tatcha The Water Cream Oil-Free Pore Minimizing Moisturizer  OR Avène XeraCalm Calm A.D 


4: Apply sunscreen last for AM routine 


I like to use in AM LANEIGE BB Cushion Hydra Radiance SPF 50 OR

Origins GinZing™ SPF 40 Energy-Boosting Tinted Moisturizer 1.7 oz/ 50 mL  



🥰Thank me later 

Re: help finding cleanser !

Hi.  I have hormonal acne and LOVE Murad Clarifying Cleanser for it.  My second favorite would have to be Moelin and Goetz Grapefruit Cleanser.  Both.are really keeping acne at bay without overly stripping skin.  A couple of things.  You may need to start doing a double cleanse if you don't already.  This gets everything off you face and leaves it ready to get squeaky clean.  Your skin may also be breaking out due to irritation.  Could be from friction damaging the barrier or sensitivity to products you are using.  Sometimes getting rid of the.acne is as simple as changing your makeup.

Re: help finding cleanser !

hey there 
I also get break outs mostly on forehead and cheeks and chin 

I just bought the squalane cleanser for the ordinary because my friends have been raving about them though you have to use them after reading guidelines hopefully this link can help 



Re: help finding cleanser !

For combo skin, I’d recommend The INKEY List Salicylic Acid Cleanser 5 oz/ 150 mL , Youth To The People Superfood Antioxidant Cleanser , or CeraVe foaming cleanser. U could also try double cleansing (cleansing ur face with an oil based cleanser like the #Drunk Elephant Slaai™ Makeup-Melting Butter Cleanser , followed by a water based cleanser like the 2 I listed at the top) Double-cleansing is a very thorough method of cleansing without being stripping.

Re: help finding cleanser !

A few options, @FreDDieee philosophy Purity Made Simple 12 oz/ 360 mL First Aid Beauty Pure Skin Face Cleanser fresh Soy Makeup Removing Face Wash Youth To The People Superfood Antioxidant Cleanser 


But I wouldn't count on any cleanser tackling the issues you listed in your post. For those, you'll want leave-on treatments that can be more effective. 

Re: help finding cleanser !

I use and love kiehls ultra facial cleanser and absolutely love it!

Re: help finding cleanser !

Hi @FreDDieee ! What’s your skin type? I also have acne and I love Kate Somerville EradiKate Daily Cleanser 4 oz/ 120 mL . It really helps with pimples, but is super gentle!

RE: Re: help finding cleanser !

my skin type is a combination of oily and dry... i’ll have to try that out thank you so much!

Re: help finding cleanser !

Hi @FreDDieee , I use cetaphil and that works well! Have you tried that in the past?

RE: Re: help finding cleanser !

i haven’t tried that yet! i’ll give it a go thank you so much !!
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