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eye cream makes my eyes burn?

The skin around my eyes is so dry so I started using Ole Henriksen's Eye Cream but immediately after I put it on, my eyes started watering and they would burn so I stopped. I tried a regular light moisturizer but it had the same effect. Is there a reason why my eyes are behaving this way? And is there an eye cream that won't have this effect on me?

Re: eye cream makes my eyes burn?

This happens to me - esp after using any shadow I didn't know had pink pigment in it (i.e. did you know grey sometimes has pink! lol)...


I have tried just about every eye product (Perricone, Locitaine, Algenist, the list goes on and on)... None of them could be used without burning and eye watering and yuckiness Smiley Sad.


I finally settled on Kiehl's Eye Alert Gel (NOT the depuffer stick).  This soothes me and helps stop the burning.  Then after a bit I apply Kiehl's Rosa Artica.   I wouldn't recommend this for other necessarily, but I use the general face moisturizer on my lids because that's the only one that doesn't make them burn.  The Rosa Artica Eye burns!  But the general face cream (not the lotion) is great and ultra moisturizing so I wake up with less redness and itching on the lids.


This is sooo frustrating, good luck and let me know if you find a miracle product I should try!


Re: eye cream makes my eyes burn?

This happens to me, too. I have used both the Clinique Rich cream and Perricone MD hypoallergenic mentioned below and they are great for not burning.

Re: eye cream makes my eyes burn?

Also, in regards to your eye cream and the ingredients it may have, where exactly are you applying? Placement is also important, and being sure that your eye cream is being applied in the appropriate areas will help prevent it from irritating the eyes or too close to the lash line. Check out this thread with some tips from some of the gals that have commented already along with a pic that will help show proper placement!

Re: eye cream makes my eyes burn?

Maybe also try Dr. Perricone's Hypoallergenic Eye Cream it's gentle but effective, ask for a sample before you actually buy. Hope this helps!swfupload_6394037078230546598.jpg

Re: eye cream makes my eyes burn?

i had a similar reaction to a Benefit one i tried, for dark circles. and then another brand also for dark circles. I just finished up an origins age erase eye cream, no burning. and am now onto my plantscription one which i think is lighter. I am thinking about going back to bobbi brown because my eyes get dry

Re: eye cream makes my eyes burn?

Some eye cream contain active ingredients (for dark circles, shrink puffy bags, anti-wrinkle etc) that are not good if you get too close to the lash line. I've also had burning with some products. Have you tried Origins eye cream? Eye doctor's a great basic and Plantscription eye treatment (not the cream, which is heavier) is nice for preventive anti-aging. Boscia Amino Enlivening is also a great mild one.


On days when my eyes are really dry, like there's no moisture between eyeball/lid and I don't even want to open my eyes, I smear on a bit of Origins No Puffery and it sinks in fast and my eyes feel better in seconds. It's more for deep hydration rather than protective layer so you might want to put an eye cream over it if you work in a dry environment.

Re: eye cream makes my eyes burn?

Hi Chelsea8192 It sounds like you are having a reaction to one of the ingredients in those products.  It can be difficult to tell which ingredient is the culprit. I would recommend trying Clinique All About Eyes™ Rich.  It is very hydrating and designed for sensitive skin.

Clinique - All About Eyes™ Rich

Re: eye cream makes my eyes burn?

Okay thanks! I'll try this one.

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