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dermotillomania sore treatments?

I suffer from dermotillomania of the decolletage. I am seeking something to help speed up healing time. I currently exfoliate with a clairsonic mia, use ladi avokonto and josie maran argan oils, sephora body butter, and polysporin. Current healing times about about 8 days. any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you, humbly.

Re: dermotillomania sore treatments?

Do you have the open sores or are you at the healing sore stage?

Re: dermotillomania sore treatments?

I would think that it would be best to get a prescription from your doctor to help get those healed up correctly. You don't want to take the chance of making them worse or more painful Hope this helps!Smiley Happy

Re: dermotillomania sore treatments?

both. a few open, most are healing.
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