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cold cream as a face wash?

so i was using a face scrub as my everyday cleanser, but it proved to be too drying. ( i now only use it once or twice a week ) i went online and it seems a lot of people love cold cream as a makeup remover/ face wash. i am thinking of using it as a face wash twice a day, every day, but not as a makeup remover ( i prefer makeup wipes for that ) and do you think using it as a face wash for sensitve, dry skin that doesn't really break out would be a good idea? thanks a ton! :-) 

Re: cold cream as a face wash?

I don't suggest using a cold cream for a cleanser but if you are more dry and sensitive i do suggest using korres milk protein cleanser. Its a cream cleanser and its a 3 in 1. It cleanser, removes make up and tones. Also its a all natural product.

Re: cold cream as a face wash?

Hmm, if you do that then it's like you go from super harsh to super gentle. Cold cream would probably be great as a make up remover but not so great as a cleanser since the cream might leave a residue that makes it hard for your skin to breath or for products to sink in.


If you have dry/sensitive skin, look for a gel/milk/oil cleanser. Boscia have a gentle gel cleanser, First Aid Beauty is great for dry skin so check out their cleanser, and Josie Maran oil cleanser is pretty good (or you can go to the facial oil section and check out the cleansers).


ps. Also, I'd like to say I love your username! I'm a bit nerdy and whenever I see your username, I imagine a group of nano robotic bear (the cutesy kind) running around.

Re: cold cream as a face wash?

Cold Cream such as ponds, noxzema, etc?? If so no not in any way no, no no. Just my advice that is not a good choice to take care of your skin, please stick with a face wash and don't go down that road. Like I said just my opinion. Hope this helps!

Re: cold cream as a face wash?


interesting. yes i am talking about pond's cold cream, and what do you find the cons to be? and would you reccomend a moisturizing face wash instead? thanks! :-)

Re: cold cream as a face wash?

@nanobear18-The ingredients in the cold cream are so heavy, they clog pores and you'll just suffer from breakout, Overall they don't rinse completely and leave a heavy film on your face. Some good cleansers are:


1. Dr. Jart V7 cleansing foam

2.Origins Checks and balances

3. Caudalie gentle cleanser

4. Ren ultra mositurizing cleansing milk (this may be to moisturizing depending on how dry your skin is, but you can research these and see what's best. Hope this helps!

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