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clinique all about eyes causing puffiness?

i used clinique's all about eyes for a long time and liked it alot, it irritated my lower rims a little, but it didn't burn like most other eye creams. then all of a sudden it started making my under eyes puff up, like after almost a year of being fine. i had to stop using it and now i can't find anything else that doesn't burn my extremely sensitive eyes. why did this happen? should i try it again? maybe with an anti-puff roller? is there something simillar out there that might be just different enough to avoid the puffiness?



Re: clinique all about eyes causing puffiness?

I started using giorgio armani regenessence eye rejuvenating serum and it really helps reducing eye puffiness with instant results!  One of the ingredients is caffeine.  It is expensive and I am not sure if Sephora carries it?  Anyway something to check out.  I love it!  Hope this helps!  Only thing it does not help with hydration so now I am looking for an eye cream for some hydration under my eyes so my concealer goes on smoother.  Anyone have any suggestions?  

Origins has a really good eye cream called ginzing.

Origins has a really good eye cream called ginzing.

This happened to me as well!! I got the Clinique all-abou...

This happened to me as well!! I got the Clinique all-about eyes rollerball and was using it for about a week, 2 weeks something like that. My under eyes puffed up and got red (not itchy). I imediately threw it out. I was very surprised because nothing else from Clinique has made me break out. I am glad to know I was not the only one this happened to. Do not re-buy it. I had a similar reaction with an acne cream I had. It was my go-to anti-pimple cream. My acne cleared up so I stopped using it. A while later I had some acne so I used to spot-treatment. It made my face all red and puffy and ugghhh it was bad. I thought maybe the tube had gone bad or something even though it was my second buy of the product. I bought another and I had the same reaction. 

Hi, uhmmm.  Even as weird as it sounds, people can develo...

Hi, uhmmm.  Even as weird as it sounds, people can develop allergies overnight to things that they've never been allergic to before in their entire lives.  This may be the case with the Clinique All About Eyes, or it could be that something in the formulation has changed that's causing your irritation.  If your eye irritation cleared up when you quit using the All About Eyes, then I'd not use it again because it could also have become contaminated with germs, which could also be the source of your eye irritation.  (By the way, if your eyes are still irritated, you should go to see an eye doctor to make sure that you don't have an eye infection.)  If you really love the All About Eyes product, you could always try purchasing a brand new container and see if the brand new product irritates your eyes.  If it does, then you'll know for sure that it's the product itself and not a contaminate.  However, if you're afraid to continue using it or if you do use it and it does cause irritation again, I'd suggest switching to an all natural anti-puffiness product and see how that works.  Skyn Iceland Icelandic Relief Eye Pen is an all-natural product that is a best-selling essential which helps address all three major eye care concerns: puffiness, wrinkles, and dark circles. Skin is revived by a blend of soothing nutrients while optical diffusers brighten the entire eye area.  It's this travel-friendly and it's 100% vegetarian, cruelty free, and allergy tested. The natural solution does not contain petroleum or mineral oils and you can find it here:

Good luck!
Hope this helps and have a great day!
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Icelandic Relief Eye Pen

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