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cleansing balm and cleanser

i’m a teen with normal to dry and i have little to no breakouts. any recommend (fragrance and citrus free!) cleansing balms and cleansers? i really want to try the inkey list cleansing balm and the ordinary squalene cleanser. are these worth it?


Re: cleansing balm and cleanser

Hi @madisondear ! I've never used The Ordinary Squalane Cleanser 1.7 oz/ 50 mL but I do use The INKEY List Oat Cleansing Balm . A few notes about the Oat Cleansing Balm: 


  1. It contains 3 oils (sweet almond, oat kernel, and sunflower), so it's very emollient and easy to work with. 
  2. If you store it cap down, some oil might leak from the area where the cap meets the tube. I usually keep mine stored cap up, or I set it cap down on a bamboo round to reduce mess. 
  3. My favorite way to use it at night: rub it all over my face but don't rinse it off; rub my usual gel cleanser over it; then rinse everything off at once. 
  4. Sometimes I use it in the morning as my cleanser. I don't follow with a second cleanser. 
  5. And sometimes I let it sit on my face for 10 minutes as a calming oat mask before rinsing it off. 
  6. It leaves my skin very soft. Some folks might feel it leaves a film behind but I don't, especially compared to other cleansing balms I've tried. And I have mostly-dry combo skin. It definitely doesn't leave a "squeaky clean skin" finish behind, which I wouldn't want anyway. 
  7. It's the only cleansing balm I like to use on my face. 

This cleansing balm frequently goes out of stock (on the US site, anyway), so I hope you can grab a tube! 

re: cleansing balm and cleanser

i finally got the inkey list cleansing balm! thank you for recommending it to me, i really like it! 

re: cleansing balm and cleanser

thank you so much! i really hope i can snag this product as well. i love that it’s multi-purpose!  

Re: cleansing balm and cleanser

@madisondear The Ordinary is an amazing brand, simple and inexpensive. I think you should try both and see which one you like better, as they are both budget friendly. Have a great day 😊

Re: cleansing balm and cleanser

Agreed! The Ordinary is very reasonably priced, they’re very clear about their ingredients so you can try more than one product and easily determine what works best for you without spending a lot of guessing which ingredient may or may not create a problem for you. Sometimes it’s a question of trial and error. And remember, your skin changes with the seasons and over time.  So if you aren’t getting the results you want, don’t hesitate to switch it up.

re: cleansing balm and cleanser

tysm! i was actually planning to use them together since you need to double cleanse with a cleansing balm. i love the inkey list and how simple it is, and i hope that the ordinary will be just as good.

Re: cleansing balm and cleanser

These are some of my fragrance free favorites:


CLINIQUE Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm 3.8 oz/ 125 mL 


Drunk Elephant Beste™ No. 9 Jelly Cleanser 


Cerave Hydrating Cleanser 

Re: cleansing balm and cleanser

@madisondear honestly for the price those products are at I'd just go for it and see which you like more.  The Inkey list one I've read rave reviews for but have never tried. The ordinary cleanser takes a bit of work to melt down so you'll definitely be committing to that longer cleanse and just remember to apply to dry skin. 


All my favorite cleansing balms have fragrance but if you want to check them out the Heimish all clean balm is my go too and I have the farmacy balm on its way as well.

re: cleansing balm and cleanser

thank you for telling me that about the ordinary cleanser! i might have second thoughts about it now lol. also, (if you have already gotten it) does the pharmacy green clean make your eyes cloud up and make your eyesight blurry? it does for me, and i wanted to know if i was one of the only people that it happened to.

Re: cleansing balm and cleanser

@madisondear my farmacy is still in shipment! Hoping it'll be here next week but I'll let you know about the bleary eye issue - I've had that before and it makes me feel like I'm wearing dirty contact lenses. 


I will note based on another msg you posted I think I personally would use both of these as my first cleanse. Personal preference I prefer a gel or cream cleanser for my second cleanse. 

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