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clairisonic trouble?

I decided to purchase the clairisonic device a month ago, but I've noticed my skin has been breaking out even more. I've been looking around and so far I have found that "purging" is a myth (via Dermatologist). Even if that was the case, I used the product for over a month and the breakouts have been getting worse. I use the same products as I did prior to the clairisonic so I know they are not the contributing factor. I have developed little bumps here and there, and it seems like my chin area does not want to clear. Mind you that I have dry/combination skin so I didn't have many breakouts to even begin with. Is anyone else having this issues? Should I stop using my clairisonic? What products can I use to help correct my breakouts without overdrying my skin?


ps. I've been using the "normal" brush attachment.

Did you change the attachment?  I thought they came with...

Did you change the attachment?  I thought they came with the seNsitive brush, at least my Clarisonic Mia did.  Maybe that's the problem as suggested in the previous response.  My face broke out some but stopped after  a few weeks.  My skin definitely did not like the cleanser that came along with the kit.  That went to the recycle on Origins day.  Try a different brush...that's  a good suggestion.  I use the acne brush.

Hi Jeremylately,   If you're using the normal brush attac...

Hi Jeremylately,


If you're using the normal brush attachment, maybe it's too harsh for your skin? You might need the sensitive skin brush. I have a clarisonic brush myself, I actually have oily skin so the acne and deep pore brushes worked well for me. My advice to you is use a gentle cleanser, ALWAYS moisturizer! I would recommend a gentle moisturizer, currently I'm using the Murad Skin Perfecting Lotion. I also love the cleanser, it's called Clarifying Cleanser, it contains 1.5% salicylic acid. 


Good luck! I know it's tough battling acne, just hang in there! 

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