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Post in Skincare Aware

any micro dermabrasion kits to help reduce appearance of discoid lupus lesions on the face?


I strongly feel this question should be answered by your...

I strongly feel this question should be answered by your Dermatologist/Dr. to avoid any serious reactions. If you don't want to purchase or use the products your Dr. may or may not sell for any reason, I would still call my Dermatologist/Dr. & ask what type of treatments SPECIFICALLY they suggest & also maybe go on an online board whose members have the same questions & concerns as you, have used products or recieved treatments & some may also have posted photos of their results so you can get the best idea of what is best for you. It can depend on so many factors, and I'm not familiar at all with your situation, but I do know that different skin tones scar differently so you really need to be careful. Sometimes all you need is Vit E. to help certain lesions or scares. I can personally recommend Philosophy's Microdelivery Peel for smoothing, clearing, glowing skin but this is only in general & should not be used instead of your Dr.'s Professional advise since they are the one who has been treating your skin & are aware of all the details in your case. Good luck Smiley Happy

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