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acne products for oily, dry, sensitive and bad acne

I suffer from dry over winter and oily over summer. My skin is super sensitive and I get cystic acne. I've tried just about everything I can get. 

What are some products to combat these issues, Thank you. 

Re: acne products for oily, dry, sensitive and bad acne

I have extremely bad cystic acne on my cheeks, and they always scar. I believe that cystic acne is typically hormonal and due to digestive if they're on the cheeks. For internal, I take Alani Nu rebalance pills for my hormones and birth control. I also try to eat a lot of antioxidants and keep my diet fairly well. No fried foods. If I eat "bad" food, I tend to have a flare up.


As for superficial routine - 

Double Cleanser: Zero Balm 

Reguler Cleanser: Neogen Green Tea Foam Cleanser

Exfoliation: Neogen Lemon Pads

Toner: Acwell Licorice Toner w/ a cotton Pad

Ampoule: Cosrx Advanced Snail 96

Moisturizer: Nature Republic Aqua Cream


I use a sheet mask 3-7x a week, I like Nature's Republic and Dr. Jart (if my skin is really acting up).


I have a lot of scars so I'm trying to fade them and I'll get a break out here and there but I do believe that most cystic acne comes from internal, so drink lots of water and eat your nutrients. Smiley Happy


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