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Why is "fresh" brand not "CLEAN AT SEPHORA"??\

I'm just wondering why "fresh" brand is not approved by the "Clean by Sephora" seal. I always thought their products were as pure as lush. Is fresh not as natural as we think? Are just some of their products safe? Please comment of you know!

RE: Why is \"fresh\" brand not \"CLEAN AT SEPHORA\"??\\

It is due to their ingredients. Pop them into the EWG database and you’ll clearly see why. Loaded with synthetics and toxins. Unnecessary fillers, etc.

Re: RE: Why is \"fresh\" brand not \"CLEAN AT SEPHORA\"??\\

@instinct4beauty I've never heard of EWG. Great post! thank you!

Re: Why is "fresh" brand not "CLEAN AT SEPHORA"??\

Probably because they add scent to one or more of their products.  The way I understand it, if they add scent that isn't naturally occurring within the ingredients, it can't be clean.  I also understand that the entire line that Sephora carries of any given brand has to be able to be listed as "Clean" or none of it can.  They can drop that item from what Sephora carries to comply.  I was told it's the reason Sephora no longer carries the Caudalie Body Oil.  It has an added scent and was keeping the entire line from being able to be certified "Clean."

Re: Why is "fresh" brand not "CLEAN AT SEPHORA"??\

@flamingolegs great post!

Re: Why is "fresh" brand not "CLEAN AT SEPHORA"??\

Oh that makes sense. Would that be the same deal for Klorane products? Do you know if fresh and Klorane are still good for you? Thank you!

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