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Why does it seem like every Sephora Consultant is Against Clinque?

Can someone fill me in, if I'm missing something?

I've been using Clinque clarifying lotion and moisturizer for 10 plus years. At this point, I basically swear my life on it. I do change up my skincare routine regularly and seeing as I have combination skin, I'll be more oily in the summer and dryer in the winter so I have to combat that. I've tried other skincare routines and added some to my daily/weekly routine over the years, but I always come back to this, switching between number 2 or 3 when necessary.

For the life of me, I can never remember which one is 2 and which one is 3, so I ask a consultant which would be better for the season I'm in when I go to purchase it. And every time, the consultants are always like "are you sure you want that?" "have you ever tried something different?" "You should really look into this instead."

I feel like I'm being judged for using Clinque products. Did I miss something?


Anonymous Insider

RE: Why does it seem like every Sephora Consultant is Against Clinque?

I have never had that experience, when I went to Sephora last week I asked about a moisturizer and they pointed me to the Clinique gel moisturizer for my combo skin. That’s just weird they were turning you away from a great product.

Re: Why does it seem like every Sephora Consultant is Against Clinque?

I agree with what the other ladies said.  Clinique makes some good products, but clinique also has some misses.  Clinique uses bar soaps as facial cleansers and it's now frowned upon to use bar soaps because the ingredient that makes soaps in bar form is also bad for your skin.  Their clarifying lotion has alcohol in it which is bad for your skin.  


Also, just from a perception point of view, clinique hasn't changed their packaging ever (as far as I'm aware).  I remember clinique using the same packaging now as it did in the 90s.  


If you like the products and they work for you, keep using them.  But you might want to pick up some samples sometime and see if there are other products out there that work better for you.

I've actually had the opposite experience in my local Sep...

I've actually had the opposite experience in my local Sephora. Even when I tell the person I'm not interested in Clinique because I've had bad reactions to some of their products in the past, they still try to steer me to the brand. In general, though, I think the people in the shops get used to trying out all the newest releases and hot trends, so steady non-gimmicky products can fade into the background.

Re: Why does it seem like every Sephora Consultant is Against Clinque?

@chocokel I totally agree with @itscarin @lachaton @RGbrown

Re: Why does it seem like every Sephora Consultant is Against Clinque?

I use a lot of different products and have tried 100s over the years. I recently tried tarte cleansers, but it grossly dried out my skin, I particularly disliked the moisturizer. I use a foam cleanser usually when I shower and then the clinque one for morning or night depending on when i use the foam cleanser. I also use a clay mask, sheet mask, and exfoliate once or twice throughout the week and use lotion everyday and night. It's not really a matter of trying new samples because I do try and change my routine every 6 months, but nothing has worked as well as Clinque for me, so I always go back to it.

But thank you everyone for informing me of the alcohol in it. I just wanted to know why the consultants looked like they were judging me every time I bought it.

And I do agree the brand has been getting dated.

I'll be careful using it. *thumbs up* and I will continue trying other skincare products.

Re: Why does it seem like every Sephora Consultant is Against Clinque?

Hi @chocokel


I can't speak for others, but I suspect there may be a couple different reasons for the reactions you have received.

1) Clinique isn't a very trendy brand lately, particularly with more of a focus on "K-Beauty" and the natural/green lines. It's also been around for a while, especially in department stores, so I think there's a sense where it seems like an older, out of date brand to people. 

Which of course, doesn't mean that the products aren't good. 


2) For others, it may be because they pay attention to the ingredients in products. Personally, I wouldn't use the Clarifying Lotion 2 or 3 on myself, as last I checked both included fairly high concentrations of denatured alcohol (as well as menthol and with hazel). 

But with that being said, I actually have a few products from Clinique that I use regularly and think there are some great products from the brand. 


That's just my 2 cents 🙂 Impossible for me to say why consultants would specifically make those comments to you. 

Re: Why does it seem like every Sephora Consultant is Against Clinque?


Clinique Clarifying Lotion is loaded with alcohol; it removes all your oil, yes, but it also dries you out so badly that your oil will continually get worse and worse as your skin tries to compensate for the dryness. Clinique makes some lovely products, but sadly, this isn't one of them.


I used #4 for years, and never got a grip on my oiliness. I decided to cut out all alcohol and added in a little facial oil, and my skin has made a complete 180.


Lots of folks love the Clarifying Lotions, but cutting them out isn't a bad idea. There are much better products available that don't damage your skin over time.

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