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Why Sephora discontinued Volition skincare ?

Why did Sephora stop carrying Volition brand I’m so upset . I don’t like when they do that . We were loyal to Specific products for many years and it’s gone . 

Re: Why Sephora discontinued Volition skincare ?

You’re actually correct- while there are volition beauty items left on they are not being restocked currently. Once they are sold out they will not be available again like the celery cream, gelee face mask and mushroom serum. This is usually the companies choice- once contracts run out volition beauty can negotiate another contract or leave. No items have been discontinued and will be available with the brand directly. I share your loss 😪

Re: Why Sephora discontinued Volition skincare ?

@Babyc8 The Volition brand is still available on the Sephora website in the US and several products are available to pick up in store according to the product pages. Are you in Canada? Perhaps it's different north of the border. 

Re: Why Sephora discontinued Volition skincare ?

@Babyc8  Is it in a specific Seph. store that you don't find Volition items? 

At present, a dozen Volition items are on S. website.

At Ulta, there are 11 items online Only

Perhaps Volition's presence in Ulta may have an impact on a (forthcoming shift?) Plus contractual agreements at-play. Same thing happens with Groceries!  So irksome when stuff is shuffled-around. Or only in some locations.

edit: Can this be confirmed? @Volition



Re: Why Sephora discontinued Volition skincare ?

Thanks to your reply and research. It’s nerve racking when a product line you love gets shelved down. Website , store Sephora stopped carrying the line . As a customer  when you depend so much on something you like it’s not easy and its time /money wasted trying to look for a replacement product. Hope the matter gets resolved soon or I’ll have to order from another website it’s a lose-lose situation for both parties 😞

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