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White marks from deodorant

Does anyone have a very favorite deodorant that works really well but does not leave white marks on clothing?  I currently use Secret Clinical and it works well, but leaves marks.  I am attending a black tie event and my dresses will show marks terribly.


Re: White marks from deodorant

I use L'Occitane's gel deodorant with my nicer clothes.  It's pricey for a deodorant but it lasts forever.  It's clear, so no marks or discoloration, and what I really like about it is how the light citrusy scent goes away when it dries.  I love wearing perfume, so a deodorant that doesn't clash with whatever scent I'm wearing always gets the thumbs-up from me.

Re: White marks from deodorant

swfupload_4974346034968325154.jpgYep! I use natures gate herbal blend deodorant in chamomile and lemon verbena. It goes on clear, its aluminum free and all around natural and free from any toxins Smiley Very Happy


Re: White marks from deodorant

I love Mitchum and it leaves no marks. ive used my hubbys which i find works a little better lol but i bought the women one Smiley Happy The powdered regular solid and the clear gel which i like to use in the summer more when i have tanks or cardys over

Re: White marks from deodorant

Using a clear version like what Diana suggest could help to relieve some of the issues with white marks; however, due to how most deodorants are formulated, the active ingredients mixed with how your body is designed and processes the formula will be a huge factor in what results in residue.


Good tips to follow regardless of what brand or deodorant used is to never over apply. If you switch to a spray or gel based deodorant, don't apply it so much to the point where your underarms of damp or sticky feeling. If you're using a stick deodorant, run it over your underarms just once or twice rather than over and over and over again, building up excess product. Give enough time for the area to air out and dry down a bit regardless of what formula you use.


A good trick to remove deodorant marks in a pinch, regardless of what fabric it ends up on is with nylon, as in panty hose, thigh highs, knee highs, or even those footie versions. Keep one knee high or footie in a purse or in your car and use it to rub away and remove residue. It's much more effective than using a wet towel or tissue and won't cause lint build up and is much more gentle on your fabrics/clothes. It doesn't take up much room and it'll come in handy for more times than you know!

Re: White marks from deodorant

Hi SaraKA,


I actually tried swapping to a strong clear version of a men's deodorant. It actually worked really well and kept away the white marks others leave on the clothes! Plus it was a much more mild scent and not too sweet or flowery. Smiley Happy I know a lot of solids tend to work better but those white marks on dark clothes can be so bothersome!

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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