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Which Serum is best?

Hi Ladies. I have been doing a ton of searching for serums to incorporate in my routine. I already love the Oh Truth Serum pictured below


But i am looking into two other serums i want to try out. Origins has a set with the Mega Bright Skin Tone Correcting Serum and i am incredibly anxious to hear your thoughts on it since this is the one i am more inclined to try first. 


And then i am also interested in the Vinoperfect Radiance Serum by Caudalie



If anyone has used any of these or multiple please share your experience, I am looking to lighten Acne scars, and add hydration to my skin. Should i stick with the Truth Serum or try one of the others? 

Re: Which Serum is best?

we are on the same boat, arielaaaaaaaa! ( i had to count how many a's your username has before typing it. lol. haha! Smiley Happy ) I'm in need of a serum to help lighten my dark spots.


i'm currently using the OH Truth Serum. so far so good. smells like the vitamin c medicine syrup i used to take when i was a kiddo. lol.


i think i will try the Eradi-Kate line next.

Re: Which Serum is best?

I love the smell of it Lol! I've really got my eye on Origins though, I'm really loving everything about that company and their products. So i would love to try more. But both the serums i want to try look so amazing! I need someone who's tried both or at least one to help inform me before buying. 

Re: Which Serum is best?

I used to use the OH serum. It's a great serum and I like it a lot but I switched to a Caudalie serum and willl never ever stray from it. I'm not sure about the Radiance serum you've picked (haven't tried it), but I can certainly vouch for the brand. 

Re: Which Serum is best?

I've been hearing wonderful things about the brand and decided to take a look at some products and it got my attention when it said the ingredient in it was 62 times more effective than Vitamin C. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. 

Re: Which Serum is best?

I'm currently using the Caudalie serum, and I can't speak for its brightening properties, but it makes my skin feel so moisturized without being heavy! And I also feel like it sinks in pretty fast.

Re: Which Serum is best?

I started using the First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Serum about a week ago to lighten my acne scars and other hyperpigmentation.  It's too soon to give a review.



Re: Which Serum is best?

Oh nice, please share your experience with it after a few weeks go by or when you start noticing a difference, I just looked at it and if they offered it in a set i would look into it. 

Re: Which Serum is best?

I LOVE the Caudalie. If you want to add something else, go for Mario Badescu vitamin C. Use it every other night under the Caudalie. It hydrates and actually does something to lighten spots. Such a good combo.

Re: Which Serum is best?

Hey arielaaaaaaaa I just PM'd you about my experience with the Modern Friction as a mask...didn't feel like everyone would care to read it haha

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