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Post in Skincare Aware

Where do I start?

I’ve never had a skin regimen and I’m in my late 30’s. HELP

RE: Where do I start?

Hi! Idk if you have any sort of routine currently but let’s say you do nothing. That means at the very least I’d say for your daily routine you need a cleanser, serum (or two depending on your top concerns ie. anti-aging, dark spots, redness, etc.), eye cream, moisturizer (possibly two, one for day and one for night) and SUNSCREEN. You should also be exfoliating once or twice a week. The ingredients and specifics you need in your products depend wholly on your skin types and concerns! This can change from season to season so don’t be confused when the weather changes and your skin starts misbehaving. Nice brands for you to look into are Kate Somerville, Drunk Elephant, Ole Henriksen, Farmacy, and Sunday Riley (there are lots more good ones but those are my faves). Sephora also has makes great sheet masks if you’re wanting to try and dabble in those. I saw someone else say this so I’m seconding it, try not to test a million products at once. You don’t want to spend unnecessary money (if only two of the six new products actually work for you) nor do you want to have any sort of reaction and not know which products it’s from! One at a time for a few weeks is best.

Re: Where do I start?

@LckyGemini Starting a routine can be confusing - and frustrating!  I really rec reading Paula Begoun's "The Beauty Bible."  It's been years since it was last published, but the info is sound; I've read posts from other BICers that agree.  It will de-mystify a lot!  Best of luck!

RE: Re: Where do I start?

Thanks so much for your quick response! This is my first time here and had a bit of a struggle finding where to respond. I have really dry skin especially during the winter time. Looking for hydration’s and firmness.

Re: Where do I start?

@LckyGemini I turn 38 in a few short days. I definitely know how confusing it can be. Let’s first start with your skin type. Are you dry? Oily? Combo? What are your main concerns? Fine lines? Anti-aging? Dark spots? And what is your current routine? 


Those questions will help other members guide you and give some great advice. I’m personally going to tag @RGbrown because this amazing woman has some serious knowledge!  She’s very good at being technical while I prefer to explain everything in Lehman’s terms. Lol

RE: Re: Where do I start?

Thanks so much for assisting. You look great! Don’t look a day over 30! Really appreciate you tagging Rgbrown.

Re: Where do I start?


Aw shucks, thanks for the tag! Not sure I'm a real expert, but I can fake it lolol Smiley Tongue



I didn't start doing much in the way of skincare until I turned 40 (yikes!) so you're in good company here. Smiley Tongue We really do need more info, like darlyndar said, before suggesting anything specific, but here are some basic things to keep in mind that would apply to anyone and everyone, regardless of skin type.


1. Cleansers with actives (salicylic acid, glycolic acid, etc) aren't really are simply washing the active right back off, and it won't do much to help in the few seconds it's on your face. You are better off looking for a mild/gentle cleanser, and using your actives in a leave-on product, whether that's a toner, or serum, or moisturizer. That's not to say cleansers with actives are necessarily bad...just don't count on it to be your main source of an active.


2. Avoid alcohol. It dries your skin out so badly that you start producing more oil, and it's doing damage over time. It's in a lot of products, from cheap to high-end, so read labels carefully.


3. Cheap vs high-end doesn't make that much of a difference if you can read an ingredients list. I'm working on expanding my knowledge here...I'm definitely not an expert yet, but there are many cheap products that are formulated just as well as high-end stuff. Ferreting out the good stuff takes a little time and effort, but it's totally worth it.


4. Sunscreen sunscreen sunscreen. You should be using it every day anyways, but if you add actives to your routine, it's extra-necessary. Many actives make your skin more sensitive to the sun, and will cause the damage to accelerate if you aren't protecting yourself. And someone that has been good about wearing sunscreen every day for their whole life won't have nearly as much damage to correct as they age. Sunscreen really is the best preventative out there.


5. If you are adding new products, do it slowly. One at a time, for at least two weeks (and a month is better), before adding anything else. That way you can definitively figure out if something works or if something reacts badly...starting a whole new routine all at once can throw your skin completely out of whack, and you'll have no idea which product(s) caused it.



RE: Re: Where do I start?

Wow! You guys are amazing with your responses and I appreciate your assistance. My first time here and feeling so welcome. First off, I have dry skin. I’m looking for something that will hydrate, clear my skin and will firm as well. I don’t have acne, but I do have random pimples here and there from time to time. Since I’m just starting off, I would like to stay away from anything too pricey as I am on a budget. All your advice really helped. It sounds like a lot and a bit intimidating but I know it’s definitely necessary.
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